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Like most technical processes, it depends a lot on the knowledge and efficiency of those involved.  In the IAM team's experience, the average integration for a single application takes about 3 business weeks.  But there is a very wide range.  A testing-only, non-production integration lead by a technician with significant Shibboleth SAML experience can be as short as 2 business days.  If you're working with a 3rd party vendor who has never integrated their application using SAML, expect a 3 to 6 month integration timeline, mostly due to vendor testing and development during the integration process.  If you want your application to go beyond the testing phase, you'll need to integrate 2 separate systems, a test environment and a production environment.  If you begin the integration process with your test environment, the process will go faster when you begin your production integration.  Be sure to plan any projects or dependent tasks with these durations all this in mind.

The Application Integration Process