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East Asian Studies CKG Charter (PDF)

Summary and Scope of Work


This CKG is a standing group of subject experts in the area of East Asian Studies. This CKG communicates with and provides support to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure, but does not make systemwide policy decisions. It will co-manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services.

  • The mission of the East Asian Studies CKG is to support effectively and efficiently the research and teaching of the UC East Asian Studies scholarly community, by collecting, curating, organizing, preserving relevant resources, and making them discoverable and accessible.
  • The East Asian Studies CKG covers the study of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in all disciplines, but particularly in humanities and social sciences. It represents scholarly traditions spanning over thousands of years in some of the world’s most prominent civilizations. In recent decades, due to the growing geopolitical and economic importance of the region, East Asian Studies as an academic discipline has received increasing attention among scholarly communities around the globe. It is therefore imperative for the East Asian Studies CKG to play an active role in evaluating, purchasing, and licensing of East Asian resources in various forms, as well as increasing the discoverability of such resources, so as to better support the teaching and research needs of the UC East Asian Studies community. 

Key Expectations

 This CKG will:

  •  Gather and share information about the environment, opportunities, new technologies, best practices, and local campus developments for East Asian Studies.
  • Liaise with other UC Libraries groups.
  • Collectively innovate and improve services in line with UC libraries’ systemwide plans and priorities.
  • Collaborate in the acquisition of major resources for East Asian Studies.
  • Implement new services that can reduce cost and enhance efficiency such as in areas of shelf-ready services, cataloging and bibliographic control.
  • Communicate with CJK vendors to comply with national/international metadata standards and best practice, so as to make e-resources and print resources more discoverable and accessible.
  • Coordinate the negotiation and licensing of tier-1 or tier-2 resources and work as a group on issues related to intellectual property and scholarly communication.

Communication and Meetings

This CKG is responsible for

  • Maintaining effective communication among East Asian Studies library specialists in all UC libraries, with an open membership
  • Posting and maintaining meeting minutes and reports
  • Establishing forums and tools such as
  • List Email: UCEAB listserv (Lib-UCEAB@o365ucr.onmicrosoft.com)
  • East Asian Studies CKG webpage (confluence page hosted by UCSF, login with campus AD required)
  • EAALC annual meeting
  • EAALC webpage (including EAALC annual meeting): : https://sites.google.com/view/eaalc/ 

Membership and Terms of Appointment

  • Librarians and library professional staff who are responsible for acquisitions, selection, and services for East Asian Studies. 
  • Chair will be elected by the group and serve a two-year term. 

Managing Tier 2 E-resources Guidelines:


EAS CKG (UCEAB) Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and/or Reports

EAS CKG Membership

Chair (2022-): Yao Chen (2022) Xi Chen (2023-) 

EAS CKG (UCEAB) Past Chairs

2019-2021Toshie Marra (UCB)
2015-2019Shi Deng (UCSD)
2013-2015Jaeyong Chang (UCB)
2012-2013Hong Cheng (UCLA)
2011-2012Jianye He (UCB)
2010-2011Ying Zhang (UCI)
2009-2010Victoria Chu (UCSD)
2008-2009Susan Xue (UCB)
2007-2008Amy Tsiang (UCLA)
2006-2007Annie Lin (UCD)
2005-2006Jim Cheng (UCSD)
2004-2005Cathy Chiu (UCSB)

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