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Initial resources for the pilot phases are being provided by current staffing at UCB, NRLF, and SRLF to enable the oversight team to better understand the type and scope of work involved and resources required to create the best lightweight implementation of the creation of the archive while also ensuring a quality result for the UC Libraries.  If additional resources are required, those will be documented and requested through DOC.




The project began in December 2014. Phase One spanned January 2015 – September 2017.  Phase Two began June 2015 and some UC Libraries continue to send items for digitization which are contributed to HathiTrust and designated as federal documents.  Phase Three began in September 2015 with a pilot at UCR; that  with ; the remaining work was estimated to take through 2022. These dates will be affected projects are also underway with UCSD, UCB, UCLA, and UCD.  A proposed plan estimated monographs could be completed in 2021, with serials completed a few years later.  The serials work has proven to be even more complex so the oversight team has brainstormed other approaches for more efficiently handling that work.  This schedule is impacted by the availability of Berkeley's programmer staff to contribute to this project, the availability of RLF staff in light of other CoUL-approved projects happening simultaneously at the RLFs, the speed with which a campus can conduct its review and deposit items to an RLF, complications in comparison of records/holdings across campuses, and logistics to be coordinated with CDL and Google, and the SILS implementation plans.


For information, contact:

Elizabeth Dupuis, AUL for Educational Initiatives & User ServicesSenior Associate University Librarian
UC Berkeley Library
(510) 642-3773