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5 minRound RobinAll
  • Casondra (UCB) - Doe Library hosted an IT event showcasing new digital initiatives at the Library overall. For ex, Moffitt Library is opening a maker space with Arduino training and 3D printing.
  • Catherine Busselen (UCSB) - about to bring in 3 candidates for Humanities Data Curator position. Also just opened new/renovated Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory space. Library support for DH will be phased into this service over next 1-2 years.
  • Jerrold Shiroma (UCM) - Over next few months, planning on getting sense of pulse on campus, build community at UCM. Miriam Posner came to speak; response was very good.
  • Lynn Cunningham and Eugene De La Rosa (UCB) - (Welcome to the group, Lynn and Eugene!) Arts and Humanities division just won a Mellon Grant for DH; Visual Resources Center at UCB is working with faculty to support the grant; course support and research projects. Link to Berkeley Mellon grant Some of the projects at UCB: We helped support Lisa Trever's course and are helping with the OpenArt project:
  • Shu Liu (UCI) - collaboratively on a grant project called "Piloting Linked Open Data for Artists' Books". Digitization of books is complete and metadata translation completed; have recently hired programmer to design network visualization tool. No public link to share yet.
  • Heather Smedberg (UCSD) - nothing new to report right now
  • Barbara Hui (CDL) - ramping back up after vacation and winter break
15 minReview charterAll
  • We have been asked by the DOC to update our charter and roster under the new UCL advisory structure; let's review this
  • Group consensus is that we are primarily an information sharing group with aspirations to propose collaborative projects. We will step back from more substantive projects/initiatives such as the "DH @ UC Libraries" site that we started to set up last year, as nobody has the resources to commit to this. This is also in line with the new (as of Oct 2015) UC Libraries Advisory Structure Guidelines for CKGS, which states that "Although CKGs may communicate with groups in the UCL Advisory Structure, they are not intended to make systemwide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services."
  • Group decisions: 1) we will scale back phone meetings to be on a quarterly basis. 2) We will continue to hold "virtual" meetings via a shared Google Doc in the in between months, as this has been a good way to share information about what is going on around the system in DH.
  • It was agreed that many of the group members' departments are interested and invested in DH, but largely still figuring out to various degrees what this means locally. It will be good to share information in the group and hear about what is going on systemwide, with hopes for collaboration at a later date.