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At UCSB, I am the Performing Arts Cataloger / Metadata Librarian and I am currently active in the Digital Humanities Reading Group here.  We are just beginning to talk about what DH means and how we as a library might play a role in the DH arena at UCSB.  Prior to my arrival at UCSB in July 2014, I worked at Brown University as a Music Cataloger/Metadata Librarian.  In my role as the Metadata Librarian, I worked directly with the Center for Digital Scholarship and its predecessor, the Center for Digital Initiatives. I provided metadata services and/or consultative and educational services with regards to metadata to students, faculty and staff on a wide variety of digital humanities projects from across the campus.

Lynn Cunningham (UCB)

Lynn Cunningham currently serves as Principal Digital Curator for the Visual Resources Center (VRC) in the History of Art department at UC Berkeley. Lynn and other VRC staff provide support to department faculty on digital humanities projects, many of which have been funded by the Digital Humanities@Berkeley Mellon grant. Current VRC DH projects include: developing a Drupal-based open-source platform for scholars; digitally capturing and publishing murals for the course “Mural Painting and the Ancient Americas”; mapping South Asia sites using StoryMapJS; 3D-modeling an ancient painted temple in Pañamarca, Peru. Lynn is active in the UC Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group, and helped to organize a symposium on DH, Humanities 2.0: New Tools for the Digital Age.

Prior to working at UC Berkeley, Lynn served as the Director for the Visual Resources Collection at Bard College and as the Visual Resources Curator at The University of Memphis. Lynn holds a MLIS, a MA in art history, and a BA in anthropology.

Stephen Davison (UCLA)

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I’ve been in several roles at the California Digital Library since 2002. Most recently, I’m a project manager in the Discovery & Delivery Services Group since 2008.  I studied Art History at UC Berkeley, and I have an MLIS with a focus on new media and art. I managed a shared digital image initiative in the mid 2000’s — UC Shared Images.  My DH interest is broad — what tools and services can CDL provide to support campus DH?  In 2014, I attended some of the informative monthly meetings of the Berkeley digital humanities working group and I follow the Berkeley DH list, as well as monitoring a few other UC DH resources.  I’m intrigued by the wide gamut of DH activities and tools spanning disciplines.