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Must complete for release; essential for public access

Workin' on it:

Possible for release; actively underway but not essential for public access.

Harvest and metadata
  • All collections that have been designated for harvest (i.e., all the ones listed here) appear on the site.
  • Metadata is readable and polished (e.g. no extraneous characters are displayed).
  • Individual failed objects from various collections are fixed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mapping adjustments and harvest of additional metadata fields are addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Objects with special characters that are not displaying correctly are identified and resolved on a case-by-case basis
  • UCSF Tobacco Library collections have been re-harvested from their new platform.
Sitewide display and functionality
  • All pages are present with no known broken links.
  • URLs are nice-looking and persistent.
  • All image objects--including complex objects harvested from Nuxeo--have a thumbnail/representational image.
  • Better design has been implemented so non-image objects don't appear broken or obscured.
  • Site speed and performance are acceptable.
  • Site behaves as expected on a mobile device.
  • Google Analytics reporting enabled for CDL and contributors.
  • PDF-type text objects harvested from Nuxeo have thumbnails.
  • Collections without any objects with thumbnails have a better UX solution for collection "mosaics" than just a stack of format icons.
  • Sitewide tweaks to labeling, counts, etc. on a case-by-case basis to continue to improve user experience
  • All images featured on the homepage are in fact on the site.
  • Campuses "shuffle" (reorder) on the homepage on refresh or nightly.
  • Alternative "lock-ups" (top three images) are designed and rotate on refresh or nightly.
Campus/institution and collection pages
  • Contact information appears for all campuses and institutions.
  • Descriptions appear for all institutions and collections for which they have been provided.
  • Collections sort A-Z within an institution/campus page.
  • Institutions sort A-Z on the institution directory.
  • "Sticky" collections appear on institution landing pages (selected 3-5 collections rise to the top).
  • Tweaks to the default ordering of objects within collection pages and mosaics to privilege objects with thumbnail.
Search functionality
  • Filters, list view, related collections, and mouseover object title work
  • Search with multiple keywords uses "and" instead of "or" to improve relevancy
  • Sort (A-Z and/or date) is available.
  • "View all" available and better pagination behavior to avoid gaps in thumbnail tiling.
Object-level display and functionality
  • Complex objects redesigned for better UX (e.g. parent-level file as a "cover page").
  • Texts harvested from Nuxeo are downloadable.
  • Carousel displays correct related objects depending on user's path through site.
  • Related collections display.
  • "Contact owner" button links to the institution landing page at minimum.
  • Share buttons work.
  • "Contact owner" button directly emails the institution.
  • Images harvested from Nuxeo are downloadable.