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Patient Hand-off Dialog


 Ask yourself


AcuitySick, not sick, watcher?The patient had a rapid response today and seems to be stabilized.


What is the main reason for the patient being in the hospital?

Patient is here for a bleeding peptic ulcer.


Where is the patient in the course of his illness?

The patient was scoped today and has been transfused to a hgb of 8.  He is now starting a clear liquid diet.

Problem List

What are the other problems we are actively managing?

-History of Atrial Fibrilliation, Coumadin is held

-Acute Kidney Injury, worsening

Recent Events

Any changes or events that are significant?

Urine output was low today, but responded to fluid bolus.

Anticipated Problems

Based on your experience with the patient, what are you concerned might happen overnight?

If UOP < 0.5 mL/kg per hour, start normal saline at 100 ml/hr


What would you like me to check on overnight?

f/u on Hgb at midnight, transfuse 1 unit PRBC if < 7


Allow the receiver to ask any questions.

“What questions do you have?”