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Topics are being proposed and voted upon using a Google Moderator Poll


  • Developer/Metadata Topic Ideas

    • Overview and discussion of the Portland Common Data Model

      • This could also include an update on Hydra Metadata Working Group progress

    • Dive Into Fedora 4

      • Overview

      • RDF and LDP

    • Dive into Hydra (could be RDF/Linked Data focused)

    • Metadata

    • Lessons Learned / Shared Best Practices

      • From those with current Hydra implementations

      • Test Driven Development best practices and experience

      • Continuous integration tools, development process

    • Are there coding opportunities to advance larger projects? Community development experience (Sufia Sprints, Fedora 4 Sprints)

    • IIIF, Image Servers, and Page Turners

    • Blacklight / GeoBlacklight discussions for new adopters