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10 min (1:00-1:10)Updates/AnnouncementsAll
  • Roger Smith - UCSD had a DH symposium. Full day with time for lightning talks/panels. Wide participation including faculty. Library mainly shared info on DAMS infrastructure (Hydra/Blacklight, well-connected to UCLDC also) and where this might lead library in terms of DH work. A successful day.
  • Mary Elings - at UCB there was a 2-day DH Fair in April. 1st day was a panel held in library, specifically for libraries. 2 faculty members & 2 grad students talked specifically about what the library can do to support DH. Expressed desire for more digital content, which is great. Second day: another panel with other DH practitioners. Well attended/received event.
  • Zoe Borovsky - at UCLA there was a DH donor event in the Research Commons (Young Research Library). Faculty presented on projects, and a student from each project spoke about their participation. Library has been involved in each project. Also hands-on demos. Well received.
  • Susan Powell - UCB is planning a summer DH institute, open to Berkeley folks. A number of librarians are involved in planning this.
  • Carl Stahmer - will be teaching a graduate level DH methods course at UCD in the library in the fall. Course filled up 15 minutes after registration opened, from all kinds of departments!
  • Mary Elings - UCB joint project: Research Data Management group along with Research IT and the Library. Joint program on research data management for scientists, humanists and social scientists. Holding a number of workshops.
  • Barbara Hui - at CDL we are continuing to work hard on various projects including UCLDC. Went to Omeka symposium at UCSC; UC3 continuing to work on various data management tools, etc. In general, a desire to figure out how to better serve DH scholars.
10 min (1:10-1:20)Updates on to-do items from last meeting. (See bottom of notes here: 12 Jan 2015 - DH CKG Inaugural Meeting)Barbara/Shu, Emilee, AnnItems:
  • DH @UC shared doc/site (Barbara/Shu). Shu not here today. Barbara has drafted a proposal for a clearinghouse site (see below).
  • Form a (sub?)-group to provide recommendations to CDL regarding various projects (Emilee). No update (Emilee absent).
  • Potential funding sources for arranging an in-person meeting for our group (Ann). No update (Ann absent), but a strong desire from the group to meet in person!

5 min (1:20-1:25)

Schedule monthly meeting timeBarbara

Decided that we will try to schedule a regular monthly meeting time starting a few months out (September/October), so expect another doodle poll soon.

In the in between months, will schedule one off meetings to accommodate the largest number of attendees possible.

20+ min (1:25 - 2:00)DH @ UC Libraries clearinghouse site proposal (google docs link; only DH CKG members can edit)Barbara

In general, proposal looks good. We upped the time estimates somewhat. Barbara will incorporate changes and send out next week.

General agreement once again that we need an in person meeting, especially at the outset in order to build this site collaboratively. Will add this to the proposal.