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Intended for teachers in all settings who want to create and maximize interprofessional learning opportunities, the Teach for UCSF Certificate in Interprofessional Teaching consists of 9 required workshops. Participants demonstrate skills learned by completing assessment exercises during the workshops.

Certificate Requirements

Titles may vary. Click for workshop dashboards with learning materials and links to skills assessments.



  • *Taking both Time-Efficient Clinical Teaching (2hrs) AND Challenges in Clinical Teaching (2hrs) can be a substitute for Clinical Teaching (4hrs)

Overall Objectives

  1. Justify selection of approaches to interprofessional education based on core principles and competencies of interprofessional collaborative practice.
  2. Demonstrate skill in interprofessional teaching and facilitation in classroom and clinical settings.
  3. Apply principles of curriculum development to design effective interprofessional learning activities.
  4. Analyze roles and preparation of different healthcare professionals to design and teach IP learning experiences.
  5. Apply principles of negotiation and conflict management to improve interprofessional communication.
  6. Facilitate critical reflection about interprofessional collaboration with respect to individuals, teams and setting.  
  7. Identify teachable moments based on knowledge of principles of core interprofessional practice.
  8. Design feedback for individual learners who present knowledge, skills, and attitudinal and behavioral challenges.

Register for Workshops

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Important Dates to Hold

  • Accelerated Path to Teach for UCSF Certificates, Sunday, May 22, 2022

Teach for UCSF Cohort Option NEW!

We are offering to group participants into self-managed cohorts based on Teach for UCSF certificate track and enrollment date. If you are interested, please read more and opt in at this link:


Certificate Teaching Team

Steward: Josette Rivera

Faculty Developers

  • Maureen Brodie
  • Amber Fitzsimmons
  • Elizabeth Gatewood
  • Marieke Kruidering
  • Angel Kuo
  • Todd James
  • Conan MacDougall
  • Bridget O'Brien
  • Josette Rivera
  • Maria Wamsley
  • Pinelopi Xenoudi