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  • Timeline for librarian communication with faculty at Irvine - 2015

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  1. Presentations to Faculty Senate groups
    1. Presentations to UCI faculty on UC Publication Management System  (Oct.-Dec. 2014)
    2. Irvine did three presentations to Faculty groups to introduce the Publication Management System and solicit input to engage selected faculty to be early testers and use the system.
    3. Open Access Week 2013 – Redefining Impact @ UCI, “Upload-A-Thon” – the eScholarship Workflow – October 21, 2013
    4. Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL) – October 13, 2013
       i.    Presentation of the UC OA Policy and introduce the new eScholarship submission process. 
    5. Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL) – October 16, 2014                                         
       i.    Presented on the progress of the first stage of UC OA Policy implementation with article submission to eScholarship and highlighted plans for the Publication Management System
    6. Faculty Advisory Committee to Academic Personnel (MyData) – August 7, 2014
       i.    Faculty advisory group on Academic Personnel system interaction with Symplectic Elements (Publication Management System).  MyData is the software Irvine uses to manage faculty electronic PTR processes.
    7. Chancellor’s Advisory Committee – December 4, 2014 (rescheduled January 11, 2015; presented February 12, 2015)                                        
       i.    Presentation on review of UCP Publications Management System pending release to the Irvine campus.  CAC is comprised of Deans and Vice Provosts who advise the Chancellor on academic and administrative issues.
  2. Other Presentations
    1. Open Access Policy Fall 2014 Update for UC Libraries (October 24, 2014) (51:41) - Katie Fortney (CDL), Sharon Farb (UCLA), Mitchell Brown (UCI) 
  3. Sample email to faculty through Publication Management System
    1. Email announcements prior to release at Irvine 
      1. Feb.17, 2015 - Letter from UCI Faculty Senate and UL 
      2. Feb.18, 2015 - Email from Academic Personnel (option to opt-out of merging the campus review system records with the new system)
      3. March 10, 2015 - Email notifications are automatically sent by Elements to faculty
  4. Work plan for librarian outreach to follow up with faculty
    1. February 17 – 17, 2015 – email from Irvine Faculty Senate President and UL Lorelei Tanji announcing the UC Publication Management System.  This will be a to faculty senate using address from Academic Personnel.
    2. March 10, 2015 - Notification of Faculty Senate through Publication Management System system.  The first email will be a notification that the system is active and has collected publications from online resources. 
    3. Faculty will receive subsequent email notifications quarterly for any new publications located or pending articles.
    4.  Presentations to subject bibliographers in January 2015 on the workflow within Publication Management System and types of questions faculty may ask.  Irvine does not yet have a plan to providing individual department level support for faculty updating their Publication Management System accounts but options are being discussed.