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This page has a list of all of the current IdM projects and/or things that need working on.


These could be individual apps, or some of them could be rolled into one.

People Details app for the EDS

This app would allow anyone to log in and see their own EDS information. It would have the logic in it to instruct them where to go to get the information corrected if need be. This could be the precursor to the Self Service app.

Department Data fixing app

If the IID CLS screen can not be updated, then an app could be build which would allow HR personelle to update address information using a pick list made up of the data from the Space database.

Self Service

This app would allow individuals on campus to update information about themselves. What data this will be is up either a committee or a combination of HR/Registrar/etc.

Contact: Paul Franke

EDS privileges app

This app would allow certain administrators to see at a glance what binds exist, and to what data the bind has access.


IID/CLS Web Service app