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Comment: Added note about setting up simpleSAMLphp for use with Drupal.


Code Block
'authproc.sp' => array(
        10 => array(
                'class' => 'core:AttributeMap', 'removeurnprefix'

        /* When called without parameters, it will fallback to filter attributes ‹the old way›
         * by checking the 'attributes' parameter in metadata on SP hosted and IdP remote.
        50 => 'core:AttributeLimit',
        /* Map OIDs to names, as we can remember names easier than numbers. */
        51 => array('class' => 'core:AttributeMap', 'oid2name'),
         * Generate the 'group' attribute populated from other variables, including eduPersonAffiliation.
        60 => array('class' => 'core:GenerateGroups', 'eduPersonAffiliation'),
        // All users will be members of 'users' and 'members'   
        61 => array('class' => 'core:AttributeAdd', 'groups' => array('users', 'members')),
        // Adopts language from attribute to use in UI
        90 => 'core:LanguageAdaptor',


If you are setting up this simpleSAMLphp installation to work with Drupal, then you need to configure something other than phpsession as the session storage mechanism. The easiest thing to do is use sqlite (although, this may require you to configure the SQLite PHP module in php.ini). To do this, set the following:

Code Block

store.type => 'sql'
'store.sql.dsn' => 'sqlite:/path/to/sqlitedatabase.sq3'

Make sure that Apache can write to the path and db file specified above.

MyAccess Metadata

Depending on whether or not you are integrating with MyAccess stage or production, you will want to take the code from one of the sections below and put it in the following file: