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  1. It's strongly suggested that you ask the Service Desk to attach this new AD resource account to your profile in the UCSF Password Management Tool so that you can reset the password if you forget the password later.  Contact the  Note that, due to account synchronization timing, they can only do this the day after the AD resource account has been created.  So the day following the account creation, contact the Service Desk at and use the "Service Desk Chat" link at the top right, call them at (415) 514-4100, or create a new incident using the "Use this link for non-specific services or to report something is not working right" link.  Ask that they attach the AD resource account to your UCSF Password Management Tool profile.  Provide the AD resource account name.  Only the Service Desk can link assign the AD resource account to your Password Manager profile.
  2. Once the AD resource account is associated with your Password Manager profile, change the initial password.  Go to and click "Change passwords."  Click in the box that lists AD resource account and follow the directions to reset the password.
  3. Close all web browser windows (so that you’re completely logged out of the MyAccess authentication system).
  4. Open a new web browser window and go to
  5. You’ll be prompted to login to MyAccess.  Use your AD resource account Username and Password.  DO NOT use your own login credentials.  If you see "This is not a service account" then you used the wrong username to login. Start from step 3.
  6. Once logged in, fill out the information requested on the web form.
    1. The “High-level organization” should be your department or group name.
    2. The “Low-level organization” should be your group or application name.
    3. The “Requester” should be your first and last name.
    4. If the new AD resource account was not mail enabled, the “Email address” should be your email address.  If it was mail enabled, the "email address" should be the email address assigned to the new resource account (most likely something like "" if using example above, where "widgets" is the name of your service.
    5.  Press Update Account. You should see the message "Account created" or "Account modified."