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Guests, like any other affiliate, are given a UCSF ID Number (02 ID), and their record will be sent to Active Directory, MyAccess Single-Sign-On (SSO) and the Enterprise Directory Service (EDS). This means that a guest will be able to get a Active Directory account (which is usually the whole reason for being put into the system as a guest), and the guest's information will be available to any application which has access to UCSF identity data. Having an Active Directory account allows the guest to use the MyAccess SSO service, and the Campus Wireless (UCSFwpa) network.



As of August, 2012, all affiliates (guests are a type of affiliate) who use the network (use of MyAccess constitutes network use) will be charged $11/month. Since the affiliate can not be directly charged, the department of the sponsor of the guest will be charged. This means that the department associated with the sponsor group will be charged if the guest uses any MyAccess service (MyAccess SSO to log into an application or Wireless) during the month. If the guest uses a MyAccess service 1 time or 100 more times or more during the month, the department will be charged $8$11. If the guest does not use any MyAccess service during the month, the department will not be charged.