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?{tip:title=How to Give a User Access to a Wiki Space}
For detailed instructions on completing these steps, see the documentation below.

h4. User gets a MyAccess account
{note:title=New Login Procedures}Beginning December 20, 2010, users will log in to the wiki with a MyAccess account instead of a GALEN account. The user's identity inside the wiki will be unchanged (they'll see the same user history and have the same permissions as before the transition), but the user will log in to the wiki with MyAccess credentials.{note}


h5. MyAccess Accounts

All UCSF faculty, staff and students should have a MyAccess account. Information about MyAccess user ID and password is available at: [|]

* _Can't remember your MyAccess password?_  Visit [|] and scroll to the bottom and select "Forgot your password?"
* _Can't remember your MyAccess user ID?_  Visit [|] and scroll to the bottom and select "Forgot your ID?"
* _Can't remember if you activated your MyAccess account?_  Visit [|] and scroll to the bottom and select "I am a New User"

Users who need assistance with their MyAccess user ID and password should:

* use the self-service features available at [|]; or
* contact 415-514-4100 option 2 followed by option 1 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; or
* send email to [|]



h5. Guest Accounts

Users who are not UCSF-affiliated may request a MyAccess guest account. The user should:
# Go to [|]
# Click the 'Request A Guest Account' link
# Complete the form, making sure to select Wiki as the Sponsoring Group and mention the space name or space administrator name in the Reason field
# Click the Request Account button to submit the request

The user's request will be reviewed by the wiki administrators, and  once it is approved, you and the guest will receive notification.

h4. User logs in to wiki with MyAccess account

Users should go to [] to log in with their MyAccess account.

If a user has never logged in to the wiki before, a new wiki identity will automatically be created for the user. At this point, the user can only see public areas of the wiki, including those wiki spaces which have chosen to be public. In order to see private spaces, the user must be given permission.  The next section explains how to do this.

h4. User is given permission to access a wiki space

A user may be given permission to access a space as an individual or as a member of a group.

{info}To see which individuals and groups have permission to access your space, just go to the Browse menu (top right) and select Space Admin.{info}

h6. Individual Permissions

From the Permissions screen, click the Edit Permissions button. Start typing the user's name in the box, click the correct name when it appears, then click the Add button. Check the boxes to determine what a user is allowed to do in the space, then click the Save All button. For more information on the permission types, see the Confluence Documentation on {link-window:}Assigning Space Permissions{link-window}.

h6. Group Permissions


Recommended if your space has a lot of users (>10) and you want to be able to add/remove users immediately rather than waiting for the Wiki Administrators to respond:

*1. Create a User Group*

# Go to Browse > Manage Users/Groups.
# Create a new group by typing a group name in the Add Group box and clicking the Submit button.

*2. Add/Remove Group Members*

# Once a group has been created, click its name to display the group editing options.
# Click the Confluence Directory Search link above the Add User input box
# Select the Full Name and Contains options, then type the user's name

3. Set/Modify the Permissions for the Group
# Go to Browse > Space Admin > Permissions