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Table of Contents

Quick Tips

Click the screenshots to enlarge them.  For more detailed instructions, see the Confluence Documentation section below.  If you are looking for information about administering a space, go to the Space Administration page.



The Dashboard is the Wiki@UCSF home page, with announcements and recently updated content from the spaces you've been given permission to access.  If you're not logged in to the wiki, click the Log In link at top right.  To return to the Dashboard, click the icon at top left.


Content resides on wiki pages in spaces.  For a directory, click the Spaces link at top left of any screen and select Space Directory.  Make sure you're logged in so you see all the spaces you have permission to access.  Click a space name to enter the space.  To create a new space, submit the Wiki Space Request Form.


When you're in a space, the sidebar has links to content in the space.  Click the space name at the top to return to the home page of the space.  The lower section shows 'child' pages (sub-pages) of the page you're on.  At the bottom is a Space Tools link where space administrators can access admin features.


Breadcrumbs can be found above the title of any page.  These links indicate the 'parent' pages of the page you're on and may be clicked to go to those pages.


You can search the wiki by typing into the search box at the top right of any page.  A drop-down menu of search results will appear.  Click one of the results or click Search for ... to see a detailed results page.





To create a new page, click the Create button on the header. The new page will be created as a "child" (sub-page) of whatever page you were on when you clicked Create.  If you click the three dots instead, you can choose from several templates for the page or blog post, and specify a different location.

Edit a page by navigating to the page and then clicking the Edit button.  If you don't see an Edit button, you don't have permission to edit the page.

You can attach a file to a page by dragging the file onto the page or selecting Attachments from the Page Tools menu and then browsing your computer for the file to attach.

Create a link in your wiki page by editing the page, clicking the Link button and selecting a destination for the link (a wiki page, an attachment, or a URL).


To add a comment to a wiki page, start typing in the box provided at the bottom of the page and then click Save.  If you don't see a comment box, you don't have permission to add comments.





Insert macros into your wiki page to add features like displaying certain types of content. Go to the Insert menu and click Other Macros to see a list of the various macros you can add to a page.


To move a page, go to the Page Tools menu and select Move.  Assign a new parent page and then click the Move button.


View the page history for a list of all previous versions of a page.  From the Page Tools menu, select Page History.  You can restore a previous version of the page or compare two previous versions.


To get an email notification every time a page is edited, sign up to watch the page.  Click the Watch button at the upper right and choose the option to watch the page.  By default, you are already watching any page that you created.


Update your user profile and other personal settings by going to your user menu.  It's the one at the top right with your profile picture/icon.


Demonstration Video

  • Confluence Demonstration Video - This video was created by Atlassian, makers of the Confluence wiki software.  Links below the video let you jump directly to specific sections.


Training and Information Sessions


These are the PowerPoint presentations and wiki pages used in past training sessions.  Please note that some of the instructions and screenshots in these presentations are outdated due to upgrades to our Confluence software.


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