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ExpandtitleSee a

If you are

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The Space Admin controls are found in the Space Tools menu at the bottom of the left sidebar.

If you're the owner of a


space or


you've been given Space Admin permissions by the owner, you

can control access

'll see menu options to control user access and permissions, change the look and feel of the space, and modify other settings

for the space


The Space Admin features can be found in Space Tools menu at the bottom of the left sidebar:

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Some spaces may still be using the Documentation theme, in which case the Space Admin features can be found in the Browse menu at upper left:

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titleDocumentation theme to be removed in Confluence 6

Please note that the Documentation theme will no longer be available with the next major release of Confluence. If your space is still using the Documentation theme, please switch to the default theme as soon as possible.

Permissions/Access Control

Image RemovedView/Change Permissions
Find out who has access to your space
Add or Remove Individual User

Add or Remove Individual User
Grant access permissions on a user-by-user basis

Create a User GroupCreate a User Group
Change access permissions for multiple users at once
View/Add/Remove Users in a GroupView/Add/Remove Users in a Group
View and edit the membership of a user group
Image RemovedMore Information
All about wiki accounts, space types, and permission types

Space Admin Features

These links will take you to the Confluence Documentation website:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the Wiki Administrators.  Click a question to see the answer.  The links to the Confluence documentation site will open in a new tab.

titleChange the theme for my space?
See Apply a Theme to a Space.
titleModify the left side menu?
If your space is using the default theme, see Configure the Sidebar.
If your space is using the Documentation theme, see Configure the Documentation Theme.
titleChange the logo for my space?

See Change the Space Logo.

titleRecover a page that was deleted?

See Restore a deleted page.

Space Administrators are the first level of support for granting access to their wiki space.  They are empowered and have the capability (and are better equipped to know the levels of permissions that would be appropriate) to manage users into their Wiki Space. Space Admins have full access to the tools that enables them to do that.  Wiki Admins support them if they run into issues.

In addition to the instructions below for space administrators, check the Wiki Basics and FAQs pages for more information. If you have any further questions, please email the wiki administrators.

Space Admin FAQs

How do I give someone access to my space or find out who already has access?
In your space, click the Space Tools menu (bottom left) and select Permissions. For instructions, see View/Change Permissions and the other links in the 'User Access/Permissions' panel to the right.
Which users are in a user group?
You can use the User List macro to display a list of users in a group. For instructions, see User Group Maintenance. Space Administrators can create a new user group or add/remove users in a group using the Custom Space User Management tool under within Space Tools.
Is it possible to let users see or edit certain pages in a space but not others?
To set restrictions for a page, click the lock icon above the page name. Remember that Viewing/Editing restrictions on a page do not grant viewing/editing permissions to users — they restrict these permissions to certain users or groups among those who have already been granted these permissions in the space (see View/Change Permissions). For additional documentation, see Page Restrictions and Permissions and restrictions.
Is there a list of all restricted pages in my space?
In your space, click the Space Tools menu (bottom left) and select Permissions. Click the Restricted Pages tab to see the list. For additional documentation, see View all restricted pages in a space.
titleSee a list of users in a user group?

Click the Space Tools button at the bottom of the left sidebar and then select Manage Users/Groups. Click a group name among those listed on the left side of the page to see the group membership.  If the group does not appear in this area, it is a legacy user group (pre-2010).  Please contact the Wiki Administrators to view the group membership or make changes to it.

titleAdd Google Analytics code to my space?

You need to create a page to hold the tracking code, and then add a 'page include' referencing that page on each page you want to track:

  • Create a page to hold the tracking code:
  • Create a new page entitled Google Analytics in your space.
  • Add an HTML macro block to the page by typing {html}
  • Can I recover a deleted page or attachment?
    In your space, click the Space Tools menu (bottom left) and select Content Tools. Click the Trash tab to see a list of deleted pages and attachments. Click the Restore link to the right of the one(s) you want to recover. For additional documentation, see Restore deleted pages.
    Can I modify the left sidebar?
    In your space, click the Space Tools menu (bottom left) and select Configure Sidebar to modify elements as desired. Don't forget to click the Done button at the bottom to save your changes. For additional documentation, see Configure the Sidebar.
    Can I use Google Analytics in my space?
    You can use the HTML macro to insert Google Analytics tracking code on any page you want to track in your space. Go to the page you want to track, click Edit, and add an HTML macro in the body of the page by typing {html}. Inside the HTML macro block that appears, paste the javascript tracking code copied from your Google Analytics account.
  • Save the page.
  • Add a ‘page include’ to each page you want to track:
  • Go to the page you want to track and click Edit.
  • At the bottom of the page, type {include:Google Analytics}
  • The include macro placeholder will appear.  You can now simply copy it (click the placeholder and do Ctrl-C) and paste it into any other page you want to track.  Don’t
    Don't forget to save the page when you're done.
    will titleDelete
    may take up to 24 hours for your data to appear in Google Analytics.
    How do I delete my space?
    If you
    decide that
    no longer need your wiki space
    is no longer needed
    , please 
    contact Wiki Administrators to remove it for you
    wiki administrators to request that it be deleted. Keep in mind that once the space is removed, it is no longer recoverable. If you want to make a backup of the content in your space before it is removed, see Export Content to Word, PDF, HTML, and XML.

    User Access/Permissions

    Find out who has access to your space and what they can do there
    Add/Remove Individual User
    Grant access and permissions to users on an individual basis
    Create or maintain a user group for your Space; Set up a page to display a list of users in a group
    More Information
    All about wiki accounts, space types, and permission types

    Additional Documentation

    These links go to the Confluence Documentation website: