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The project team comprises staff at the California Digital Library (CDL) and UC Berkeley's IST Research IT unit.
  • Catherine Mitchell (CDL), Project Director: provides leadership and oversight to the project.

  • Brian Tingle (CDL), Technical Lead: sets the course for the technical development of the UCLDC, solves problems that arise, and works on implementing all parts of the platform.

  • Sherri Berger (CDL), Product Manager: coordinates team members, communicates with stakeholders; ensures that the project meets its goals and the product the needs of its users.

  • Adrian Turner (CDL), Metadata Design Analyst: designs the metadata schema and its implementation in the platform and works on configuring the digital asset management system.

  • Mark Redar (CDL), Developer: works on developing the public interface and aggregation aspects of the project, with a focus on the index, harvester, and collection registry components.

  • Amy Wieliczka (UCB), Documentation/Developer: creates documentation for all parts of the platform, provides UX support for library staff users, and works on developing the public interface.

  • Patrick Schmitz, Richard Millet, Chris Hoffman (UCB), Nuxeo/ETL Consultants: advise on questions related to the installation and configuration of the DAMS and loading of collections.

  • Yuteh Cheng, Lam Voong (UCB), ETL Specialists: develop processes for batch-loading files and metadata into the DAMS. 

  • Barbara Hui (CDL), Developer: investigates options for support of UCLDC customization and integration with Omeka develops technical stack around the loading and export of content in and out of the DAMS, including display of images, streaming of A/V content, and display of complex objects.

  • Gregory Shapiro, Jane Lee (CDL), User Experience Designers and Felicia Poe (CDL), UX consultant: creates user experience and interaction design for the public interface, conducts usability testing.

  • Joel Hagedorn, Eric Satzman (CDL), Front-end Developers: works on developing the public interface with a focus on HTML/CSS/javascript implementation.

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