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  • Sherri Berger, CDL
  • Barbara Hui, CDL
  • Richard Millet, UC Berkeley Research IT
  • Catherine Mitchell, CDL
  • Mark Redar, CDL
  • Aron Roberts, UC Berkeley Research IT
  • Patrick Schmitz, UC Berkeley Research IT
  • Brian Tingle, CDL
  • Adrian Turner, CDL

Roles/bios coming soon!

The project team comprises staff at the California Digital Library (CDL) and UC Berkeley's IST Research IT unit.
  • Catherine Mitchell (CDL), Project Director: provides leadership and oversight to the project.

  • Brian Tingle (CDL), Technical Lead: sets the course for the technical development of the UCLDC, solves problems that arise, and works on implementing all parts of the platform.

  • Sherri Berger (CDL), Product Manager: coordinates team members, communicates with stakeholders; ensures that the project meets its goals and the product the needs of its users.

  • Adrian Turner (CDL), Metadata Design Analyst: designs the metadata schema and its implementation in the platform and works on configuring the digital asset management system.

  • Mark Redar (CDL), Developer: works on developing the public interface and aggregation aspects of the project, with a focus on the index, harvester, and collection registry components.

  • Amy Wieliczka (UCB), Documentation/Developer: creates documentation for all parts of the platform, provides UX support for library staff users, and works on developing the public interface.

  • Patrick Schmitz, Richard Millet, Chris Hoffman (UCB), Nuxeo/ETL Consultants: advise on questions related to the installation and configuration of the DAMS and loading of collections.

  • Yuteh Cheng, Lam Voong (UCB), ETL Specialists: develop processes for batch-loading files and metadata into the DAMS. 

  • Barbara Hui (CDL), Developer: develops technical stack around the loading and export of content in and out of the DAMS, including display of images, streaming of A/V content, and display of complex objects.

  • Gregory Shapiro, Jane Lee (CDL), User Experience Designers and Felicia Poe (CDL), UX consultant: creates user experience and interaction design for the public interface, conducts usability testing.

  • Joel Hagedorn, Eric Satzman (CDL), Front-end Developers: works on developing the public interface with a focus on HTML/CSS/javascript implementation.

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