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Ebook Usability CKG Meeting Agenda of Dec 20April 9, 20192020

10:00am - 11:00am

Attendees: Carla Arbagey (UCR), Chan Li (UCB), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Michele Potter (UCR), Sarah Sheets (UCM), Shi Deng (UCSD)


  1. Add new criteria specific to platforms:
    1. Evaluation checklist:
    2. Action: Michele and Chan will look at Proqeust to add new criteria
    3. Action: Sarah and Carla will look at Ebsco to add new criteria

  2. Select ebooks from different disciplines on Proquest and Ebsco platform 
    1. Action: Shi will send title list for Tier 1 packages: 
      1. Proquest (Ebrary DDA, UK Parliament papers, EEBO, LION)
      2. Ebsco (Business source complete online monographs, Art & architecture source online monographs)

        Chan will add numbering for images in report, download cover letter (with links to google docs), report, and evaluation checklist as PDF to send to Becky Imamoto (Chair of eBook Strategies Team) and ask for feedback by Feb 10 and schedule a meeting some time in February
    2. Action: Nga will select high use titles from the Tier 1 title lists (Social Science & Humanities)

    3. Action: Nga will contact vendor to get user activity report, if available
    4. Action: Michele will select ebooks for Proquest in STEM (Tier 3)
    5. Action: Carla will select ebooks for Ebsco in STEM (Tier 3)

Joint Meeting to discuss Ebook Platform Usability Report with UC eBook Strategies Team and Ebook Usability CKG Mar 20, 2020

10:00am - 11:00am

Attendees: To be updated later


  1. Discuss Ebook Usability Report:]
    1. Executive Summary:
    2. Report template:
    3. Evaluation checklist:
    4. Cover letter to UC eBook Strategies Team:
  2. Action: Rachael will post the Ebook Usability Report andEbook Evaluation Criteria on CDL’s restricted website for selectors and notify Jayne Dickson to promote this in the April’s CDL Info. Nga will convert Google docs to pdf and Excel.
    1. Posting: eBook Usability Criteria and Case Study Report
    2.  a case study report 
    3. a list of ebook usability criteria
  3. Decision
    1. Expand our evaluation to ebook aggregators such as Proquest and Ebsco.
    2. Evaluate some less user -friendly platforms such as Taylor and Francis.
    3. Meet more frequently (twice a month) for the next three months to expand our evaluation of the usability issues of more ebook platforms to meet the sudden surge in ebook purchases due to the recent transition to online learning. 
      1. Action: Nga will send out poll to set up schedule to meet twice a month
        1. Schedule is set up to meet on second Thursday and fourth Friday of the month from April to June.

10:00am - 11:00am

Attendees: Carla Arbagey (UCR), Judy Dobry (CDL), Chan Li (UCB), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Michele Potter (UCR), Sarah Sheets (UCM), Ying Zhang (UCI)