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In September 2014 the UC Libraries endorsed the “UC Federal Documents Archive: Report and Recommendations” and approved implementation of the first two phases for the creation of a shared UC archive of US federal government documents to create a more coherent and coordinated collection, improve access through increased digitization, and regain shelf space from unnecessary duplication. FedDocArc is designed as a persistent archive that consists of one print and one digital copy of all US federal government documents owned by the UC Libraries. Print copies may be shelved at a UC Regional Library Facility or a UC campus library; all print copies will be available to library patrons as “library use only.”  Digital copies will be preserved in and accessible through the HathiTrust repository.  In December 2014, CoUL charged the FedDocArc Implementation Oversight Team to undertake this project.  FedDocArc reports to CoUL via the UC Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC).

The project is designed in phases: Phase One formally designates one print copy of each title and volume shelved at an RLF as the foundation for the shared print archive; Phase Two ensures a complementary digital copy of all items designed as part of the archive is available; and Phase Three identifies print holdings shelves on campuses across the UC Libraries to formally designate as part of the archive and ensures a digital copy is also made available. After completion of those actions, Phase Four ensures that this project cycle is designed to address new federal government information we acquire in any format, as well as addresses previously acquired non-print formats and born digital publications.

Background Documentation

UC Federal Documents Archive Charge (2013)


The oversight team is a small group of people who represent key aspects of the project; their appointments continue through completion of Phase TwoThree.   The membership of the team will evolve as needed, with confirmation of changes handled through DOC.  Additionally, the team will be calling upon the expertise of other staff at CDL, the RLFs, and the UC Libraries , -- especially members of the original project team and GILS , -- as needed for specific aspects of this project.


The implementation oversight team will investigate investigates issues, evaluate evaluates approaches, develop processesdevelops processes, and confirm confirms procedures involved in all aspects of completing Phase One (print archive from the collections at the RLFs) and Phase Two (digital archive from the duplicate collections at the RLFs). The infrastructure and procedural issues will be resolved early in the team’s work. As the   As the team identifies special issues they can adjust scope in consultation with DOC.  For example in September 2015 approval was given to run a campus pilot project with UCR in preparation for understanding the processes and resources required for Phase Three which involves review of on-campus holdings with each UC campus library.