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  1. Roll Call (Katie) – Susan Koskinen, Samantha Teplitzky, Mary Wood, Mitchell Brown, Shu Liu, Rhonda Neugebauer, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Christy Hightower, Gary Colmenar, Katie Fortney, Jackie Wilson
  2. Announcements
    1. Presidential Policy - any updates? – Not at this time, hoping for a start date any day now, not sure when, updates to OSC site are ready to make live when it happens.  Presidential policy people will be added to harvester after all the Senate Faculty at each campus are on board, and additional programming will be required, so it will take a while for that piece.
    2. Shu – will organize our wiki pages to separate last year’s minutes from this year’s.
  3. UC Publication Management System updates – 7 campuses are on board now
    1. UC Santa Barbara – rollout went well, nothing unusual, had typical questions, some emeriti asked for help. Interest in handouts from UCSB that were shared at LAUC-B – they hired a graphic artist that helped a lot. Available on OA Policy Outreach Materials wiki collaboration point
    2. UC Merced – not on the call
    3. UC San Diego – started yesterday – doing fine, getting first set of questions which range from “this is fine”, to “I can’t be bothered with this”, as expected. They got “a couple dozen” real questions so far.
    4. UC Santa Cruz - letter from our UL went out to faculty on Oct 15th , so far we got three responses to that letter with comments/questions. Two of the three were concerned that conference papers were not going to be covered in the policy and/or would not be found in the searches. The first auto generated email from the harvester is going out on Thursday Oct 22nd .  Today (Oct 21) we sent an email to every faculty who will have over 100 matches in that first crawl of the harvester (186 people) to tell them how to reset/clear their pending publications list if they have too many false hits and then edit their profile to get less (i.e., remove some databases from the list, add keywords to the search, add their ORCID number).
      Note – we tested the ORCID link in the harvester, and it was not pre-claiming all the works in the ORCID record as we had expected.  Lisa Schiff corresponded with Symplectic and discovered: “Symplectic is planning on adding in functionality that will bring in a larger set of publication metadata from ORCID records, but for right now they are only using ORCID  to pre-claim publications that have a DOI, PubMed or Scopus ID” – however it should also be noted that some ORCID items that had DOI’s also did not get claimed, which matches our previous experience that some DOI’s also did not work to populate the metadata in the manual deposit process in eScholarship. So some DOI’s are much more functional than others, but we don’t know what makes them so “under the hood” so to speak.
    5. Irvine – drew from their HR “My Data” system to pre-populate the lists for faculty in Symplectic, so far cannot write back to the HR system at Irvine but are continuing to work on that, San Francisco did some of that too (importing from the HR system) Mitchell reported. Mitchell thinks the coverage of conference papers has been pretty good so far.  When you update the settings Symplectic will redo the search within 30 minutes so don’t have to wait two weeks to see the difference.  Also good approaches are to add older institutions where they worked, and middle initials, or variations in last names if they publish under a different last name are ways to find more. Some faculty get zero when they should get some.
    6. Others? - none
  4. Upcoming and recent events: updates, outcomes, lessons learned
    1. Berkeley: LAUC-B 10/16/15 - recap from attendees and organizers – it was a really good event with good speakers and a lot of attendees but most of the audience were librarians unfortunately. YouTube video of the conference are expected to be posted on LAUC B’s website at – so look for that. 
      Also noted from the LAUC-B conference: The journal HAU will have an editorial in their next issue about the discipline anthropology considering moving to OA for their journals, so major journal editors in the field are discussing this issue.
    2. UCSB – low turnout for the first two days of their OA Week events, librarians outnumbered others in attendance by far
      Monday October 19, Reinventing Scholarly Publishing: UC Press - Luminos
      Tuesday October 20, Reinventing Scientific Publishing: Journal of Visualized Experiment (JOVE), Collabra (UC Press), Public Library of Science (PLOS), a panel discussion
      Thursday October 22 Reinventing Scholarly Publishing: The UC Publication Management System Lisa Schiff and Kirk Hastings will demonstrate the new publication management system, followed by a drop-in self-directed workshop with one-on-one assistance available.
      Monday November 2, Kenneth Crews, Copyright scholar and librarian will speak on University Life & Copyright Law: Reinventing the Relationship
    3. UCSF: 10/21/15 4.    Let Let's Collaborate, lightning talks on collaboration and increasing scholarly impact
    4. UCI - none this year because of 50th anniversary events
    5. Outside UC
      Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco: October 28, 6:00 pm live or livestream: How can you write an open access encyclopedia in a closed access world? Panel with Michael Eisen, Jake Orlowitz, Rich Schneider, and Pete Forsyth. Registration
  5. Future topics: Pay-It-Forward grant (suggested by M. Brown, discuss once report is near completion in spring 2016); Update on CHORUS and SHARE, e.g. that AIP is now using CHORUS. FYI, Katie is continuing to work on a web page about government agency OA policy implementation status.