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Once faculty, staff, learners and visitors are uploaded through the UCSF Hydra Onboarding process and have a POI number and DPH AD account assigned in Hydra, the DPH Epic Onboarding process can begin for those that need access to DPH Epic.  Please click here for additional information of the DPH Epic Onboarding process.

Managers and trainee administrators (TA) can check the Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match report to see if the faculty, staff, learner learners and visitors appear in the Hydra database and whether their POI and DPH AD accounts have been assigned.

The Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match shared drive location is listed below.  Please note you must be on the UCSF network and your UCSF Active Directory (AD) account needs to have access to the shared folder in order to view the sharefile:

"\\\shared$\vol09\Dean\UCSF Employee Data\Data From Hydra\Trainee Admins\Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match.xlsx"


  • If someone is listed with an inactive status* or a past ZSFG separation date but should actually be active, the department manager or trainee administrator would need to follow the same process as if they were not in Hydra to get them reactivated.  Please see the Hydra Onboarding page for more information.


Link to the UCSF Hydra Status Keys to provide guidance for abbreviations in the manager match file and active vs. inactive status.