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Night-Float Survival Room 132

Transitions of Care  Room 108

Procedural Preparation Room 135

Central Line Placement Room 137

Suturing Skills Room 111

Airway 101 Room 112

IO and Oxygen Delivery Systems Room 116

Rhythm Recognition and Keeping Your Patient Alive Room 119



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nameFirst Floor Plan Intern Boot Camp .pdf




7:30   Registration and Continental Breakfast (Room 136)

8:00   Resident Group Photo (Outdoor amphitheater)

8:15-8:45 Introduction to the Core Competencies / Milestones and a Clinical Culture of Safety (Auditorium)

8:45   Interns move to assigned first station (number that appears on their name badge, see list of assigned groups)

8:50   First station begins

9:40   Second station begins.  Interns move to second station (8 → 1 → 2 → 3 etc)

10:30   Third station begins

11:20   Fourth Station Begins

12:10   LUNCH (Room 136)

   Best of the Policies Presentation  

12:30   Photobooth Open 

1:10  Fifth Station Begins

2:00  Sixth Station Begins

2:50  Break with coffee, water, refreshments

3:05  Seventh Station Begins

3:55  Eighth and Final Station Begins

4:45  Evaluations (to be completed in the same room as the individual’s final station)

5:00  Faculty debrief in room 113


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