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My DH work, at this point, revolves around my role as the Project Manager for the Omeka Curator Dashboard project at the UCSC library. We are building 15 Omeka plugins that expand Omeka's core functionality. A more in-depth description of this project can be found at our project site: In developing many of these plugins, we have considered both library implementations and pedagogical/instructional applications. I am particularly interested in how other UC libraries are addressing the desire for Digital Humanities support, particularly infrastructure and project consultation work.

Jamie V. Wittenberg (UCB)

No bio yet.

Christina Woo (UCI)

At the UCI Libraries I am the liaison to these academic depts/subjects: Philosophy, Logic & Philosophy of Science, Religious Studies, Spanish & Portuguese, Latin American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, and Linguistics.  Except for the last two, I've had these are assignments for only 1-2 years, but I have been an academic librarian for nearly 40 years and have been a bibliographer and reference librarian for 25 of them.  Because most of my disciplines are text-intense, I want to explore ways to exploit discourse analysis, including relationships among speakers and writers.  Examples in plays and other literature are gender differences between word choices,  power differences as expressed in language (superiors to inferiors, parents to children, teachers to students, etc.), and the amount of text between these groups (do men say more to other men than they say to women?).  To what extent does this change over time, especially from the same author in the same genre (as in Shakespeare's early comedies compared to his later ones)?  I want to hear about other possibilities and to figure out how subject librarians like myself can support and encourage researchers with topics like these.  I have a respectable reading knowledge of Spanish and French.


I’ve been in several roles at the California Digital Library since 2002. Most recently, I’m a project manager in the Discovery & Delivery Services Group since 2008.  I studied Art History at UC Berkeley, and I have an MLIS with a focus on new media and art. I managed a shared digital image initiative in the mid 2000’s — UC Shared Images.  My DH interest is broad — what tools and services can CDL provide to support campus DH?  In 2014, I attended some of the informative monthly meetings of the Berkeley digital humanities working group and I follow the Berkeley DH list, as well as monitoring a few other UC DH resources.  I’m intrigued by the wide gamut of DH activities and tools spanning disciplines.