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  • UCLDC Project (July 2013 - September 2015) Summary and Documents

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The UCLDC Project resulted from several years of planning across the UC Libraries. The planning process began in 2009 with the cross-campus Digital Libraries Services Task Force (DLSTF), which articulated a vision. A subsequent task force (DLSTF2) continued the work of scoping a digital collection service and formulating a plan for how to get there. Finally, Next Generation Technical Services (NGTS) Power of Three Group One (POT1) coordinated several “lightning teams” focused on various aspects of implementation. Two lightning teams in particular most directly shaped the direction of the service and the technologies implemented: LT1A (which drafted requirements for a systemwide DAMS), and LT1C (which put forth a technical model and selected Nuxeo as the "first step towards a systemwide digital asset management system strategy").