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Participants in the Multimodal Intergenerational Social Contact Intervention for Creative Engagement (MISCI-CE) program who are matched with older participants can earn MISCI-CE Certification from the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) at UCSF and Trinity College Dublin. MISCI-CM Summer Prototype participants may also be eligible for a MISCI-CM Certificate.

Requirements for MISCI Participant Certification from the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) include

  • Consistent and timely communication with program staff
  • Active participation at required trainings
  • Full participation in all partner project development meetings sessions
  • Timely completion of all post-visit journals, surveys, and program evaluation
  • Participation in assigned coaching sessions and 4 of 5 Mid-Program trainings, including the Cultural Humility workshop if possible and offered
  • Active participation at MISCI Showcase/End of Session Celebration

This Certification can be listed on your resume, CV, and/or LinkedIn or other social media sites. It indicates that you have worked with GBHI at UCSF to learn about brain health and participate in research about how to mitigate the risk factors of loneliness and social isolation through this arts-based social intervention.

Click here to return to MISCI-CE information for younger participants.

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