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The UCSF Trainee Administrators (TA) at ZSFG ensure that UCSF students, residents and fellows have what they need to advance their education and serve patients at ZSFG. This page is a guide to resources created by the Trainee Administrator Steering Committee (TASC) to support TAs with searchable, current, single-source information. We rely on the TA community to update and maintain these resources. If you have additional information or updates to add to the resources, please post your information on the MS Teams ZSFG Trainee Administrators team. Thank you.

Table of Contents

Annual SF Learning


Tap n GO

ZSFG ID Badges for Trainees

ZSFG ID Badge Process for Newly Hired UCSF Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Off Cycle Trainees

ZSFG Generic Medical Student Badges

ZSFG Replacement ID Badges 


Process Contact List for ZSFG Trainees

ZSFG Trainee Administrator Contact List

E-Prescribe (EPCS) Enrollment and Guides


DPH Epic Onboarding

Onboarding Trainees into EPIC (TA resource guide)


Hydra Onboarding (ZSFG Systems)

Hydra Website

Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match file

UCSF at ZSFG POI Numbers

Hydra ZSFG trainee report status key

IT Systems - SFDPH / ZSFG

UCSF SFGH (ZSFG) DUO Enrollment Steps

IT Resources Page, UCSF IT Systems at ZSFG

ZSFG Educational Visitors and Observers


Safety and Policy Guidelines at ZSFG

       Occupational Health UCSF

       Occupational Health ZSFG

       UCSF Annual Flu Vaccination Outreach

Needlestick Safety and Prevention 

Trainee Benefits at ZSFG 

Bilingual Stipend

CIR Union Resources

Education Reimbursements

Library at ZSFG

Meal Cards

Medical Student Space Finder

Resident Lounge

Trainee Sleep Rooms


After Hours Police Escort

Bike Cage Access

Motorcycle Parking

On-Call Parking

On-Call Parking Audit

ZSFG Campus Map

ZSFG Public Transportation Page

UCSF Shuttles

ZSFG Shuttles

ZSFG Monthly Campus Parking Permits

Taxi Mobile App

For general information about UCSF education

Residents and Clinical Fellows

School of Medicine Students

School of Dentistry Students

School of Pharmacy Students

School of Nursing Students

School of Graduate Education Students

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