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This page lists educational skills workshop topics that may be offered by the CFE, and whether they count toward the requirements of one or more of our programs. This page is under construction and is provided for general information only.  Suggestions welcome. 

NOTE: See Legend at the bottom of the page for notes and equivalencies between programs.

Legend for Programs with links for more details

AbbrCertificate or Program Name and Notes
GENCertificate in General Teaching   1one of the selectives is required.
CLINCertificate in Clinical Teaching
SIMCertificate in Simulation Teaching
INTCertificate in Interprofessional Teaching
QUALCertificate in Teaching for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
LEADCertificate in Education Leadership
TEICertificate in Teaching for Equity and Inclusion   1one of the selectives is required.
RESCertificate in Education Research.  In development.
TSPTeaching Scholars Program.  Not all sessions are included here.
NOTE: If Teaching Scholars want to participate in the General Teaching or Education Leadership certificates, they are responsible for enrolling themselves.

Health Professions Education Pathway.  For students, residents and fellows.  Not all sessions are included here.  Marked in this column are workshops that:

  • can be used as make-up sessions for HPE course - M
  • count for Advanced HPE - A
  • count toward Teach for UCSF Certificates if taken through HPE Pathway - C

NOTE: If HPE Learners want to participate in a certificate, they are responsible for enrolling themselves.  Please contact Victoria to have credits transferred from HPE to a certificate.

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