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What is TickToC?

The UCSF Center for Faculty Educators sponsors a monthly Table of Contents (ToC) Review meeting. Members each review an issue of a medical education journal and present highlights to the group. This serves as a cooperative way to keep up with the literature without each person having to read each and every journal.

After each meeting, a member volunteers to write a very brief synopsis of one relevant article, making scholarly work even more accessible to the larger educator community. We share those for you here in a feature called TickToC: An education sciences article in a minute. 

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TickToC: An education sciences article in a minute.

18-02 Structuring Feedback and Debriefing to Achieve Mastery Learning GoalsVictoria RuddickMar 09, 2018
18-01 Towards a Theory of When and How Problem Solving Followed by Instruction Supports LearningVictoria RuddickFeb 01, 2018
17-10 Educative Curriculum Materials: Uptake, Impact, and Implications for Research DesignVictoria RuddickOct 30, 2017
17-07 How do clinical competence committees make decisions about trainee performance?Victoria RuddickAug 04, 2017
17-05 Learners’ perceptions about direct observation during residency.Victoria RuddickJun 06, 2017
17-04 What makes a 'good group'? Exploring the characteristics and performance of undergraduate student groups.Victoria RuddickApr 19, 2017
17-03 Contexts, concepts and cognition: Principles for the transfer of basic science knowledgeVictoria RuddickApr 04, 2017
17-01 Medical Students’ Understanding of Directed Questioning by Their Clinical PreceptorsVictoria RuddickFeb 17, 2017
17-02 Medical Student Perspectives of Active Learning: A Focus Group StudyVictoria RuddickFeb 06, 2017
16-09 Feedback to Supervisors: Is Anonymity Really So Important?Victoria RuddickSep 30, 2016
16-08 Experiences of medical students who are first in family to attend universityVictoria RuddickSep 01, 2016
16-04 Competency Evaluations in the Next Accreditation SystemVictoria RuddickSep 01, 2016
16-03 Social Capital in Teacher CommunitiesVictoria RuddickApr 06, 2016
16-02 How to write an educational research grant: AMEE Guide No. 101Victoria RuddickMar 30, 2016
16-02 Investigation of Unethical and Unprofessional Behavior in Korean Residency TrainingVictoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016

15-12 Setting mastery learning standardsVictoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-10 What do patients REALLY think of medical students?Victoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-10 This Simulation is Stressing Me Out!Victoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-10 Systematic viewing in radiology: seeing more, missing less?Victoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-10 Experience, trajectories, and reifications: an emerging framework of practice-based learning in healthcare workplacesVictoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-10 Evaluating clinicians' teaching performanceVictoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016
15-09 Student experiences across multiple flipped courses in a single curriculumVictoria RuddickFeb 09, 2016


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