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The Teach for UCSF Certificate in Teaching for Equity and Inclusion aims to create a path for UCSF educators to develop best practices in equitable and inclusive teaching that they can apply in didactic and clinical settings across the continuum of health professions education. This certification consists of 1 pre-requisite, 7 required workshops and one selective. Participants demonstrate skills learned by completing assessment exercises during the workshops.

Certificate Requirements


Before taking workshops in this certificate, participation is required in the full-day Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training offered by the School of Medicine. Offerings are included in the listing to the right or can be found here

Workshops can be taken in any order. Titles may vary. Workshop Dashboard links are for use during workshops. 

Required Workshops

Selective Workshops (one is required)

¹ Feedback Fundamentals - 4hr is a prerequisite to Advanced Feedback across Differences. It was not previously listed here, but is not a new requirement.

² Formerly listed as Exploring Similarities and Differences.

Overall Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate a participant will be able to:

  • Select and design inclusive instructional materials that represent diverse perspectives.
  • Monitor diversity in the representation of participants in the teaching and learning environment.
  • Develop assessments that minimize the potential for bias.
  • Recognize and examine biases that arise in assessment decisions.
  • Diagnose learners’ diverse needs and design relevant instructional activities.
  • Address bias and microaggressions in the learning environment in the moment.
  • Explore instructors’/mentors’ differences and similarities with learners/mentees to improve engagement and support.
  • Provide feedback that is sensitive to learners’ different backgrounds and experience.

Register for Workshops

Click links to read more and register.

IMPORTANT: To see events more than 6 months out, search in calendar format using Category filters.

Scheduling Note

We are currently scheduling workshops for summer and fall 2021.  Please check this page for workshops as they are scheduled.

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