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The Teach for UCSF Certificate in Teaching Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QI/PS) aims to create a sustainable opportunity for UCSF faculty to develop expertise in teaching QI/PS in didactic and clinical settings across the continuum of health professions education. This certification consists of 8 required workshops. Participants demonstrate skills learned by completing assessment exercises during the workshops.

Certificate Requirements

Titles may vary. Links lead to workshop dashboards with learning materials and links to skills assessments.

Overall Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate a participant will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast QI and PS principles and methodologies.
  2. Demonstrate effective strategies to engage learners in QI/PS across the continuum of health professional education.
  3. Employ QI/PS tools as teaching strategies.
  4. Facilitate learner reflection around QI and PS issues.
  5. Design experiential learning activities for learners to apply QI/PS concepts.
  6. Mentor learners in participation at any phase of a quality improvement and patient safety project.
  7. Select, organize, and interpret QI and PS data.
  8. Implement QI and PS initiatives using principles of motivation and change management.

Register for Workshops

Click links to read more and register. 
Or, search in calendar format using category filters.

Teach for UCSF Cohort Option NEW!

We are offering to group participants into self-managed cohorts based on Teach for UCSF certificate track and enrollment date. If you are interested, please read more and opt in at this link: http://tiny.ucsf.edu/T4UCSFcohort

Certificate Teaching Team

Steward: Catherine Lau, MD

Faculty Developers

  • Amber Fitzsimmons, DPT
  • Shannon Fogh, MD
  • James Frank, MD
  • Nina Garga, MD
  • Kiran Gupta, MD
  • Brent Kobashi, MD
  • Catherine Lau, MD
  • Stephanie Rennke, MD
  • Nardine Riegels, MD
  • Glenn Rosenbluth, MD
  • Charlotte Wills, MD

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