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Based on a review of the literature and existing materials, we have identified four key areas for resident teaching skills development, and have developed corresponding resident handout and teacher guide.  

We recognize that departments already make efforts to improve resident teaching. Our goal is to align departmental efforts with this new Resident Teaching Development Program to ensure that all residents receive training in these four areas:

  • Setting Goals and Expectations for Learners (including review of clerkship objectives)
  • Learning Climate
  • Clinical Teaching Models    
  • Giving Feedback

To gauge the success of the efforts and guide improvements, we offer an online Evaluation Form, with an integrated Action Plan to help residents put their new skills into action. In addition, there is an extensive bibliography of articles related to both resident teaching and clinical teaching.

UCSF Teaching Skills for Residents


10/10/18 Updates to Feedback module in Resident Handout and Teacher Guide by Calvin Chou.

6/6/17 Slight time adjustment on Learning Climate Session Outline. Added Support/Challenge graphic on p. 6.

5/10/17 Re-ordered sessions, fixed links.

5/16/16  Learning Climate module updated in both Resident Handout and Teacher Guide.

5/3/16 Exercises for Setting Goals and Expectations updated in Teacher Guide and Resident Handout.

2/18/16 Teacher Guide: 1) Updated cases and script for Feedback module.

2/9/16 Resident Handout 1) updated Module 1 new objectives, 2) revised steps for setting goals and expectations, and 3) updated tiny links for evaluation and for this home page.

2/9/16 Link to Medical Student Clerkship Objectives added.

5/19/15 New version uploaded with changes to the Feedback module for the teacher guide and the resident handout. Feedback observation form added.



Patricia O’Sullivan, EdD

Director, Research and Development in Medical Education (RaDME)

Office: 415 514 2281  Cell: 415 730 3912