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Upcoming Journal Club Topics and Articles

The Health Professions Education Journal Club is every 3rd Thursday of the month, noon-1pm (PT) | 3-4pm (ET). Please note that we will be starting the session at 15 minutes after the hour to allow for those attending to have a brief break.

If you would like to host a Journal Club session, contact Maria Pappas (

As a reminder, one article must be from health professions education (an annotated bibliography of journals can be found here). The other article should be from outside health professions education.  The articles outside health professions education generally come from education, psychology, organizational management and sociology.

Please plan to present for 15-20 minutes and leave the remainder of the session for discussion.

How to Join

To access most articles, you must be logged into the UCSF domain, either on campus or via VPN.

3rd Thursday, noon-1pm (PT) | 3-4pm (ET) starting January 2023.

We will be starting at 15 minutes after the hour.

Zoom Conference Info:

Please contact Maria Pappas ( for Zoom link.

In Person: (meeting via Zoom effective March 2020)
Parnassus 521 Parnassus Ave, 2nd Fl

Link to this page:

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Schedule for 2022-3

Moving to the 3rd Thursday of the month in 2023

Mar 16 - Riley Brian

Apr 20 - available

May 18 - Tiffany Chambers

June 15 - available

July 20 - Amber Fitzsimmons

Aug 17 - available

Sept 21 - available

Oct 19 - available

Nov 16 - Shareef Syed

Dec 21 - available

February 16, 2023 - Social Learning Theory

Host: Louise Allen

  1. McGrath, C. et al. (2020) You say it, we say it, but how do we use it? Communities of practice: A critical analysis. Medical education. [Online] 54 (3), 188–195.

  2. Allen, L. M. et al. (2020) Applying a social theory of learning to explain the possible impacts of continuing professional development (CPD) programs. Medical teacher. [Online] 42 (10), 1140–1147.

Guiding Questions for session discussion

January 19, 2023 - Ecological Dynamics Framework for Skills Acquisition in Medicine

Host: Christopher Leba

  1. Seifert L, et al. (2022) The Ecological Dynamics Framework: An Innovative Approach to Performance in Extreme Environments: A Narrative Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(5):2753. 

  2. Taraporewalla K, et al. (2023) The Ecological-Dynamics Framework for Medical Skills. Healthcare, 11(1):38. 

2023 completed

ARCHIVE - Past Medical Education Journal Club articles

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