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Intended for health sciences classroom-based teachers, the Teach for UCSF Certificate in General Teaching consists of 8 required workshops and 1 selective assessment workshop for a total of 9 workshops. Participants demonstrate skills learned by completing assessment exercises during the workshops.

Overall Objectives

  • Demonstrate skills in the teaching methods pertinent in health professions education: large group, small group, clinical, and procedural teaching.
  • Identify the steps in instructional/curriculum development.
  • Write measurable learning objectives.
  • Provide positive feedback.
  • Develop assessments matched to desired learning outcomes.
  • Align objectives and teaching method.
  • Define and design competency-based education.

Certificate Requirements

Use the links below to:

  • Revisit learning materials on workshop dashboards
  • Complete missing skills assessments.

Required Workshops

Selective Workshops (one is required)

Notes and Substitutions

  • *Taking both Time-Efficient Clinical Teaching (2hrs) AND Challenges in Clinical Teaching (2hrs) is equivalent to Clinical Teaching (4hrs)
  • Either Feedback Fundamentals (2hrs or 4hrs) count toward the General Teaching certificate; however...
  • ONLY Feedback Fundamentals (4hrs) counts as a prerequisite to the Advanced Feedback across Differences selective workshop.
  • Participants in the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) can contact Victoria about substitutions.

Discontinued Selectives

Available Workshops

Use the list below to find and register for workshops.

Other ways to find workshops:

Scheduling Note

We are currently scheduling workshops for summer and fall 2021.  Please check this page for workshops as they are scheduled.

NOTE: Starting with the 2022-2023 cohort, a Teach for UCSF Certificate in General Teaching will be required to apply for the Teaching Scholars Program.

Important Dates to Hold


Teach for UCSF Cohort Option NEW!

We are offering to group participants into self-managed cohorts based on Teach for UCSF certificate track and enrollment date. If you are interested, please read more and opt in at this link:

Certificate Teaching Team

Steward: Patricia O'Sullivan

Faculty Developers

  • Zane Amenhotep
  • Christy Boscardin
  • Christian Burke
  • Calvin Chou
  • Madhavi Dandu
  • Denise Davis
  • John Davis
  • Darren Fiore
  • Duncan Henry
  • Erick Hung
  • Katherine Hyland
  • Marieke Kruidering
  • Ryan Laponis
  • Ellen Laves
  • Andrea Marmor
  • Lindsay Mazotti
  • Kara Myers
  • Brian Schwartz
  • Sarah Summerville
  • Jessica Tashjian
  • Charlotte Wills
  • Pinelopi Xenoudi