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Intended for all who teach or will teach UCSF students, residents, fellows, and post-docs at UCSF and affiliated institutions, including UCSF staff who find the program relevant to their work. The Teach for UCSF Certificate in Education Leadership consists of 8 required workshops and independent advising on leadership skill development. Participants demonstrate skills learned through an Individual Development Plan working with a self-selected advisor.

Certificate Requirements

Titles may vary. Links lead to workshop dashboards with learning materials and links to skills assessments.
† Starting fall 2019, this 4-hour workshop has been split into two shorter workshops, 1) Achieving Results by Empowering and Engaging Others, and 2) From Conflict to Collaboration.
‡ For participants who took the 4-hour version of Achieving Results by Empowering and Engaging Others on 2/5/18, From Conflict to Collaboration may be skipped.

Overall Objectives

  • Demonstrate awareness of one’s own leadership knowledge, skills and habits; and find leadership mentoring opportunities.  
  • Identify and apply key change management strategies  
  • Analyze organizations through four frames (structural, human relations, political, symbolic) and apply those frames to leadership challenges.  
  • Guide productive and collaborative teams through teamwork skills and conflict management.
  • Create a diverse and inclusive work environment.  
  • Lead effective and efficient meetings.
  • Manage projects productively.

Register for Workshops

Other ways to find workshops:

Teach for UCSF Cohort Option NEW!

We are offering to group participants into self-managed cohorts based on Teach for UCSF certificate track and enrollment date. If you are interested, please read more and opt in at this link: http://tiny.ucsf.edu/T4UCSFcohort

Individual Development Plan

  • Participants complete reflective exercises for each workshop and share them with their self-selected leadership advisor.
  • Participant and advisor meet a minimum of three times to discuss the Individual Development Plan and leadership skills.
  • Participants are encouraged to observe their advisor in action as a leader.
  • To receive the certificate, the participant must  complete all workshops and assignments.

Certificate Teaching Team

Steward: Lorriana Leard

Faculty Developers

  • Bruce Blumberg
  • Maureen Brodie
  • Odi Ehie
  • Amber Fitzsimmons
  • Lynn Flint
  • Ellen Goldstein
  • Stephanie Hsia
  • Lee Jones
  • Anda Kuo
  • Angel (Chen) Kuo
  • Pramita Kuruvilla
  • Kewchang Lee
  • Margaret Lin-Martore
  • Jyothi Marbin
  • Kelley Meade
  • Lisa Ochoa-Frongia
  • Neeti Parikh
  • Raquel Rodriguez
  • Sandrijn van Schaik