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Education Grand Rounds

Short, up-to-the-minute topics, often with visiting scholars. (tick) = live stream/recorded and available to view online.

Teacher's Toolkit - Find tutorials and helpful tips for using technology to enhance your teaching.

Page: Applying Self-Determination Theory to Medical Education Page: Assessment for Learning: How does it improve upon current assessment? Page: Debriefing Professionalism Lapses in Learners Page: Design and Rationale of a New UME Curriculum: Recent Plans at One Institution in the Netherlands Page: Developing Patient-Centered Clinicians: What can we do as educators? Page: Educational Research as Translational Science Page: Engaging Different-Level Learners in the Workplace Page: EPAs in the undergraduate medical curriculum – lessons to be learned Page: Examining Evidence Based Medicine: EBM in Practice and in the Classroom Page: Fostering Adaptive Expertise to Produce Excellent Healthcare Professionals Page: Getting Started with Implementing QI in the Curriculum Page: How and Why Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LICs) Create Resilient Clinicians Page: How Can We Integrate Health Care Improvement into the Core of Physician Development? Page: Implementing Entrustable Professional Activities in Health Professions Education Page: Informed Self-Assessment: Implications for Medical Education Page: Making Work-Intensive Clinical Settings Effective Learning Environments Page: Medical Education Grand Rounds Page: Medical Education Grand Rounds: Curriculum Renewal at UBC: The good, the bad, and the ugly--lessons learned Page: Medical Education Grand Rounds: EPAs in the undergraduate medical curriculum – lessons to be learned Page: New Frontiers in Expertise: Training Learners for Excellence in Practice Using Adaptive Expertise Page: Personal Learning with Technology Page: Shifting the Medical Education Paradigm from Knowledge to Critical Thinking
 Page: Strategic Confrontations: Managing Professionalism Lapses to Eliminate the Hidden Curriculum Page: The Ethical Imperative to Teach Critical Thinking Page: Toward Assessing Graduates' Readiness for Clinical Practice: The UHTRUST Investigation Page: Trusting our Trainees: Innovations and Challenges in Assessment of Competence Page: Young: Improving Handoffs by Applying Cognitive Load Theory