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2018-19 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions

December 2018

12/18 Gary Farkas - Time spent studying vs. study skills and prior anatomy knowledge in determining anatomy course performance in physical therapy students: A study proposal. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

12/25 (Cancelled - Christmas Day)

January 2019

1/1 (Cancelled - New Year's Day)

1/8 Education Showcase Abstract Review (U-80 Conf Room, Huddle B)

1/15 Education Showcase Abstract Review (U-80 Conf Room, Huddle B)

1/22 Education Showcase Abstract Review (U-80 Conf Room, Huddle B)

1/29 (Cancelled due to LCME visit)

February 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

2/5 (Available)

2/12 Shruti Kant - (topic will be provided later). Moderator: Daphne Lo.

2/19 (Available)

2/26 (Available)

March 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

3/5 Education Showcase Presentation Review (U-80 Conf Room, and Huddle B)

3/12 Education Showcase Presentation Review (U-80 Conf Room, and Huddle B)

3/19 Education Showcase Presentation Review (U-80 Conf Room, and Huddle B)

3/26 (Available)

April 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

4/2 Cancelled for Education Showcase

4/9 (Available)

4/16 (Available)

4/23 (Available)

4/30 (Available)

May 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

5/7 (Cancelled - Doctoral Week)

5/14 (Available)

5/21 (Available)

5/28 (Cancelled - Annual TSP Retreat)

June 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

6/4 (Available)

6/11 (Available)

6/18 (Available)

6/25 (Available)


17-18 Academic Year Past Sessions


  • 12/11: Workshop by Arianne Teherani - Tips for Writing your Abstract for the UCSF Education Showcase. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 12/4:

Aimee Medeiros - Gender Differences in Healthcare: A Content Review in Undergraduate Medical Education. Moderators: Laura Ellerbe and Mindy Ju.

Brittany Chambers, Jenna Gaarde, Andrea Jackson, Zea Malawa - What's it gonna take to eliminate racial health disparities in your lifetime? A course for UCSF medical students. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.

David Anderson, Sarah Blisset - Developing Online Resources to Flip the Classroom in Post-Graduate Cardiology Education. Moderators: Laura Ellerbe and Mindy Ju.

Ariel Deardorff - Building an Open Science Teaching Toolkit. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.


  • 11/6 Nancy Choi / Sneha Daya / Cindy Lai - Advocacy in Action: a Medicine Clerkship Curriculum. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 11/13 Annemarie Charlesworth - Embedding Environmental Health in UCSF Health Professional Education – Creating a Foundation for Faculty. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 11/20:

Margaret Lin - Developing an Innovative Point-of-care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Evaluation of Children with Suspected Intussusception. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

James Anstey - Developing Digital Researchers: Engaging trainees in the role of the electronic health record, data science, and informatics in scientific inquiry. Details on the curriculum proposal are here. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

Beth Griffiths - Assessing Patient Advocacy among Internal Medicine Clerkship Students. Moderator: Laura Ellerbe.

  • 11/27:

Justin Bullock, Karen Hauer, Cindy Lai, Pat O'Sullivan - Third-year medical students’ perception of the fairness and accuracy of clerkship grading, and its impact on their performance and learning outcomes.

Triveni Defries, Meghan O'Brien, Christine Soran - Developing an Inter-professional Education Curriculum on the ZSFG Addiction Care Team. See the concept submission page.

Stephanie Hsia - Pilot of a Mental Health First Aid Training for Health Professional Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Jonathan Pai - Back to the basics: Foundational science on internal medicine rounds.


  • 10/2 Jyothi Marbin / Maggie Gilbreth - An Exploration of Structural Racism, Health Disparities and Resilience. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 10/9 (Cancelled for Doctoral Week)

  • 10/16 Susie Wlodarczyk / Amy Ransohoff - Teaching the Learning Sciences to Medical Students. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 10/23 Brian Bakke - The role of Feedback in the Physician Coach-Medical Student Relationship. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.
  • 10/30 Arianne Teherani - The evolution of the professionalism movement in medical education: Where we have been, where we are, and where we need to go. Moderator: Daphne Lo.


  • 9/4 Emily Abdoler - Deliberate Practice in ID Fellowship. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.
  • 9/11 Brian Gin - Measuring co-construction: a dyadic item response theory model. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 9/18 Mindy Ju - The Effect of Professional Background and Gender on Perceptions of Leadership by Healthcare Professional. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 9/25 Larissa Thomas / Pat O'Sullivan - Becoming Outstanding Educators: What Do They Say Contributes to Success? Moderator: Lara Pheatt.


  • 8/7  Ann Poncelet, et al. - Institutional Leaders’ Perspectives on Organizational Return on Investment: Endowed Chair and Intramural Grants Programs for Academic Clinician Educators. Prior to the session, we encourage to read the attached paper on The Kirkpatrick/Phillips ROI MethodologyTM. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.
  • 8/14 Tom Bodenheimer / Meg McNamara - UCSF Curriculum Innovation: Training First-Year Medical Students in Health Coaching. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.

  • 8/21 Leslie Floren - Knowledge Construction in Interprofessional Clinical Trainee Teams. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.

  • 8/28 Michael Deng / Morgan Kelly - Use of race and racial stereotypes in clinical vignettes in the first- and second-year learning materials in Bridges Curriculum. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.

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