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ESCape happens every Tuesday from noon-1pm PT. (Please note that we typically begin the session at 12:10pm.)

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20-21 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions


6/22/2021, 12:10-1:00pm

Nina Zhao

June 2021

ESCape sessions available upon request

6/29    Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg

  • 12:10-12:35pm - Justin Sewell - F1 Virtual Learning Environment Innovation Report.
  • 12:35-1:00pm - Bridget O'Brien and Sally Collins - AERA Paper: How physicians in practice teach lifelong learning.

July 2021

ESCape sessions available upon request

7/6       Elizabeth Liao - Assessment of student perception and cognitive load of virtual reality and 3D modeling on learning head and neck anatomy.  Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo

7/13     Nova Wilson - CULTIVATE (Combating Unequal Treatment in Healthcare Through Virtual Awareness and Training in Empathy): Addressing Health Disparities by Cultivating Empathy Through Virtual Reality.  Moderator: Justin Sewell

7/20     Daphne Lo - TBD.  Moderator: Justin Sewell

7/27     Available - Exploring and developing an Academy of Medical Educators Innovations Funding proposal   Moderator: Sam Brondfield

August 2021

ESCape sessions available upon request

8/3       Available - Exploring and developing an Academy of Medical Educators Innovations Funding proposal  Moderator: Lindsey Haddock

8/10     Available  Moderator:  Justin Sewell

8/17     Anda Kuo and Amy Louer - Building Resilience: Lessons Learned from a Multi-state Learning Collaborative.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo

8/24     Dana Rohde and Madeleine Norris - Yoga with DanatomyModerator:  Mindy Ju

8/31     Lindsey Haddock, Sara Dsouza, and Josette Rivera - Developing an Instrument to Measure Physician Practice Change After CME.  Moderator:  Sam Brondfield

September 2021

9/7       Available.  Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo

9/14    Available.  Moderator: Justin Sewell

9/21    Available.  Moderator: Daphne Lo

9/28    Available.  Moderator: Mindy Ju


20-21 Academic Year Past Sessions

JUNE 2021

  • 6/1  Cancelled due to TSP Retreat
  • 6/8   Rupa Tuan and Marieke Kruidering - Pharmacology Exam Flashcards: Friend or Foe? Exam Performance & Student Opinions.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 6/8   Anna Malkina - Assessment of Ambulatory Renal Block for Internal Medicine residents. Feedback on survey questions.  Moderator: Nina Zhao
  • 6/15 Ellen Laves - Pediatric Resident Academic Half Day's Impact on Metacognition.  Moderator: Justin Sewell

MAY 2021

  • 5/4  Laura Huppert - The Development and Evaluation of a Subspecialty Fellowship Application Advising Program for Internal Medicine Residents. Moderator:  Daphne Lo
  • 5/4  Rupa Tuan and Stephanie Hsia - Implementation and Evaluation of a Blended Health Equity Curriculum for Pharmacy Students.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo
  • 5/4  Alejandro Perez - First Year Residents' Challenges and Recommendations for the Transition to Residency.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 5/4  Colin Feuille - Teaching Endoscopy as a Senior Gastroenterology Fellow: Barriers and Affordances to Fellow Learning.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 5/11 Prabhjot Minhas - No one size fits all: A qualitative study of clerkship medical students’ perceptions of ideal supervisor responses to microaggressions  Moderator:  Mindy Ju
  • 5/11 Stephanie Hsia and Crystal Zhou - Get out of synch: adapting clinical skills sessions to an asynchronous format  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 5/11 Melinda Schneider - Trauma Informed Care in Medical Education.   Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 5/11 Brianán Kiernan - Training a new cadre of the public health workforce to support school reopenings in the state of California  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 5/11 Jenna Essakow - Pause Before Implementing: Lessons learned from a pilot microaggression simulation curriculum  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 5/11 Lindsey Haddock - Let’s Learn Together: How Faculty and Trainees Co-Learn in the Workplace  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 5/18 Geoff Stetson - The M.E.N.T.O.R. Project: Medical Educators Navigating Theory-Oriented Research.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell
  • 5/25 Sam Brondfield, Jay Zussman, and Jessica Ma - Sex and Gender in the Patient One-liner: A Modified Delphi Study Presentation.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell

APRIL 2021

  • 4/6   Anelah McGinness - Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Pediatricians: A Needs Assessment.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 4/13 Kai Kennedy will summarize the previous conversation - Continuing the Conversation: Bringing diverse voices into educational scholarshipModerator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 4/20 Phuong Anh (Jenny) Giao, Ronnel Azizollahi, Michael Le and Gwen Essex - Assessment of Dental Student Willingness and Comfort to Provide Dentistry for Ambulatory Adult Special Care Patients Following an Interactive Self-Assessment.  Moderator: Nina Zhao
  • 4/20 Camila Cribb Fabersunne - The value of family-educator partnership: A multi-stakeholder approach to the development and appraisal of entrustable professional activities in complex care.   Moderator:  Lindsey Haddock
  • 4/20 Shayanne Martin - Training a non-public health workforce for COVID-19 contact tracing in San Francisco.  Moderator: Nina Zhao
  • 4/27 Chelsea Garnett - Needs Assessment of Pediatric Resident Training in the Care of Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders.  Moderator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 4/27 Stacey Frumm - Self-Determination Theory Provides a Framework to Improve Medical Student Learning on Subspecialty Consult Rotations.  Moderator:  Lindsey Haddock
  • 4/27 Anika Kalra - Evaluation of a rapid competency-based COVID-19 Contact Tracing Curriculum in San Francisco.  Moderator: Nina Zhao

MARCH 2021

  • 3/2    Jackie Kercheval - Students’ Approach to Integration of Basic and Clinical Sciences in a Post-Clerkship Step 1 Curriculum |  Appendices.  Moderator:  Naike Bochatay
  • 3/9    Dina Wallin - Northern California Pediatric Emergency Medicine Education Day  |  Survey Questions  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 3/9    Evan Walker - A virtual narrative medicine curriculum: the VA My Life My Story project  |  Questions  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 3/16  Bridget O'Brien - Presentation of "So You Think You Can Mentor?  Finding your groove, making your move and keeping it smooth" . Moderator:  Sam Brondfield
  • 3/23  Gabriel Sarah, Sawye Raygani and Annesa Flentje - Topic Steward Approach to Systematically Integrating Sexual and Gender Minority Health into Medical Education | Questions  Moderator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 3/30  Tracy Fulton and James Nixon (U of Minnesota) - Boundary practices in creation of tools to support cognitive integration.  Moderator:  Nina Zhao


  • 2/2    Lauren Phinney - Exploring how a work-based assessment tool affects formative assessment and feedback systems in clerkships: a qualitative study.  Moderator:  Naike Bochatay
  • 2/9    Odi Ehie - Assessment of Two Forms of a Diversity Curriculum for Residents: Applied Behaviors to Confront Unconscious Bias and Microaggression and Facilitate Allyship.  Moderator:  Nina Zhao
  • 2/9    Michalle Ramirez-Mclaughlin - Education Showcase 2021 Abstract: Virtual OSCE: A new frontier in NP education.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 2/9    Kharissa Reyes - Education Showcase 2021 Abstract:  Interprofessional Practice and Experience at OPTIMAL Clinic: Comprehensive Care for Post-COVID Patients.  Moderator:  Mindy Ju
  • 2/16  Beth Griffiths - Patient Advocacy Assessment in the Medicine Clerkship | Quantitative Tables | Primer.  Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo
  • 2/16   Irina (Era) Kryzhanovskaya and Nnaoma Oji - Replenishing the Soul - Coping through Advocacy in Medical Education manuscript | Teaching and Learning Moments | The Clinical Teacher |  Tipping the Scales toward Equity Equilibrium manuscript.  Moderator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 2/23   Patricia O'Sullivan, Christy Boscardin, Arianne Teherani and Bridget O'Brien - Bringing diverse voices into educational scholarship; Article.  Moderator:  Lindsey Haddock


  • 1/5     Nina Zhao - OR Feedback Survey and Master's Thesis.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell
  • 1/12   Dina Wallin - Northern California Pediatric Emergency Medicine Education Day.  Moderator:  Mindy Ju
  • 1/19   Arianne Teherani and Suzanne Lazorick - Preparing Faculty to Incorporate Health Systems Science into the Clinical Learning Environment: Factors Associated with Sustained Outcomes.  Moderator:  Jillian Mongelluzzo
  • 1/26   Prabhjot Mingas - No One Size Fits All: A Qualitative Study of Clerkship Medical Students’ Perceptions of Ideal Supervisor Responses to Microaggressions - Abstract and Presentation.  Moderator:  Lindsey Haddock


  • 12/1    Neeti Parikh, Sriranjani Padmanabhan, Saras Ramanathan and Gerami Seitzman - Health Disparities Curriculum and Toolkit for Ophthalmology Residents.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 12/1    Cindy Chai - Innovations in multidisciplinary medical education –Incorporating trainees with multiple medical backgrounds with a collaboration-focused curriculum.  Moderator: Pat O'Sullivan
  • 12/1     Emily R. Insetta and Vanessa Thompson - Assessing and Improving Mentorship in the UCSF Internal Medicine Residency to Promote Equity and Inclusion During Pandemic Times.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 12/8     Alon Unger, Sujatha Sankaran and David Gordon - Building capacity in quality improvement and health-system strengthening in global health through education, coaching and collaboration.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 12/8     Ida Shunk - OBGYN Medical Student Simulated Procedural Curriculum.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 12/8     Katherine Brooks - Routine Evaluation of Race and Social Risk Factors in the Diagnostic Process. Moderator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 12/8     Nancy Choi - Re-envisioning the Traditional “Social History” to Achieve Health Equity.  Moderator:  Arianne Teherani
  • 12/8     Bassem Ghali, Evgeniya Krapivinsky and Robin Goldman - Using patient stories to teach learners about structural determinants of health and address bias in healthcare.  Moderator: Arianne Teherani
  • 12/15   Rosalyn Plotzker, Derek Harmon and Barbie Klein - Virtual Approach to Gynecology Project, Phase 2.  Moderator: Lindsey Haddock
  • 12/22   Cancelled due to the holidays
  • 12/29   Cancelled due to the holidays


  • 11/3    Naike Bochatay - Social identity in health professions education.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo

  • 11/10  Maria Wamsley - Twelve Tips for Including Students in Telehealth Visits.  Moderator: Pat O'Sullivan
  • 11/17  Bridget O'Brien and Jorie Colbert-Getz - Medical Education Innovation: In the Eye of the Beholder.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay

    Background Reading:

    1. Beck J B, DeVilbiss M B, Carline J D, McDaniel C E, & Durning S J. Innovation Reports: Successes and Limitations for Promoting Innovation in Medical Education. Academic Medicine. 2020;95(11):1647-1651.
    2. Durning S J, & O B C. Innovation Reports: Guidance From the Editors. Academic Medicine. 2020;95(11):1623-1625.
    3. Kanter S L. Toward better descriptions of innovations. Academic Medicine. 2008;83(8):703-704.
  • 11/24  Teresa Tuan, Valerie Gribben, Efrat Lelkes, Folashade Wolfe-Modupe and Anya Desai - Creative Processing Project.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 11/24  Hueylan Chern, Merisa Piper, Christopher Johnson, Eric Kim, Yvonne Kelly, Patricia Conroy - Surgical Skills Coaches: A sustainable, peer-assisted learning program for surgical skills teaching and mentorship for medical students.  Moderator: Christy Boscardin
  • 11/24  Gerald Hsu, Lekshmi Santhosh, Jennifer Babik and Ana Velazquez Manana - Diving into Disparities: A Qualitative Analysis of Gender & Racial Disparities in Subspecialty Career Choice.  Moderator: Pat O'Sullivan


  • 10/6    Pei Chen, Arushi Gulati, Isabella Auchus, Jan Grandi, Elle N Clelland & Pooja Lalchandani - Student-Led Clinical Outreach Program for Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 10/13  Yue Ma, Adrian House, Nina Zhao and Andrea Park - Resident virtual surgical education in the COVID eraModerator: Mindy Ju
  • 10/20  Lindsey Haddock - Co-Learning: An Approach to Make Lifelong Learning Visible in Clinical Learning Environments.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 10/27  Nina Zhao - Evidence for Response Process and Consequential Validity of the SIMPL Application for Operative Feedback.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell.


  • 9/1    Lily Hitchner - Interprofessional feedback during critical event debriefing: the resident perspective.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 9/8    Nina Zhao and Roseanne Krauter - Interprofessional Care of Voice, Airway, and Swallowing in the Adult Inpatient; ICCA Scale.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 9/15  Margaret Robinson and Glenn Rosenbluth - Trainee Motivations using eMR Charts: Implications for Future Quality Measurements and Survey Questions.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 9/22  Lindsey Haddock - Co-Learning: An Approach to Make Lifelong Learning Visible in Clinical Learning Environments; Tables.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 9/29  Lynnea Mills and Dan Wheeler - IM Chief Resident Mentorship program. Moderator: Justin Sewell.
  • 9/29  Neda Ghaffari - Fellowship Curriculum for Training in Maternal Fetal Medicine Ultrasound.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.


  • 8/4    Cancelled
  • 8/11  Cancelled
  • 8/18  Lindsey Haddock and Natalie Young - Designing and Evaluating a Mini-CEX for Housecalls.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 8/25  Ed Amorim - Multidisciplinary remote learning for critical care brain monitoring.  Moderator: Leslie Floren

JULY 2020

  • 7/7   Lily Hitchner - Assessing Emergency Medicine Resident Crisis Resource Management Skills: Interprofessional Feedback and Self-Assessment During Critical Events.  Moderator: Daphne Lo

  • 7/14  Jackeline Barajas Duque, Heidi Kirsch, and Sam Brondfield - Transitioning undergraduate medical education to an online learning platform in response to COVID pandemic: Effects on intrinsic motivation and learning outcomes. Ppt, Attachments and Questions. Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 7/21  Pei Chen - The Impact of an Interprofessional learning Community in Geriatric Primary Care - Manuscript draft, Questions, Figure and Supplemental materials.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell.
  • 7/28  Deborah Simpson and David M. Irby - Preliminary Evidence Supporting a 10-Item Clinical Learning Environment Quick Survey (CLEQS).  Moderator: Mindy Ju


19-20 ESCape Sessions

18-19 ESCape sessions

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13-14 ESCape Sessions

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