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ESCape happens every Tuesday from noon-1pm PT.

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Parnassus University Hall Suite U-80
Mission Bay Mission Hall 4800

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2018-19 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions

10/22, 12:00noon - 1:00pm

Leena Suleiman

October 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

10/29  Sara Clemons and Pat Cornett.  Re-imagining Electives in the Third Year. Moderator: Daphne Lo

November 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

11/5  Justin Bullock, Karen Hauer and Arianne Teherani. Mixed-methods exploration of racial/ethnic stereotype threat amongst fourth year medical students. Moderator: Daphne Lo

11/12 Cancelled - AAMC

11/19 Innovations Funding Presentation. Moderator: Daphne Lo


1.  Meredith Vanstone visiting from McMaster University. Moderator: Sam Brondfield

2.  Innovations Funding Presentation. Moderator: Daphne Lo

December 2019

ESCape sessions available upon request

12/3  Justin Sewell and Pat O'Sullivan. Making the Workplace Work: It’s All About the Design (workshop to be submitted to AMEE 2020) Moderator: Daphne Lo

12/10  Innovations Funding Presentation. Moderator: Christy Boscardin

12/17  (Available) Moderator: Justin Sewell

January 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

1/7  (Available). Moderator: Daphne Lo

1/14  (Available). Moderator: Mindy Ju

1/21  Education Showcase Abstracts. Moderator: TBD

1/28  Education Showcase Abstracts. Moderator: Sam Brondfield

February 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

2/4  Education Showcase Abstracts. Moderator: Daphne Lo

April 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

4/21  Education Showcase Oral Presentations. Moderator: TBD

4/28  Education Showcase Oral Presentations. Moderator: Sam Brondfield

May 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

5/5  Education Showcase Oral Presentations. Moderator: TBD

5/12  Education Showcase Oral Presentations. Moderator: Mindy Ju


19-20 Academic Year Past Sessions


  • 10/1  Sneha Daya, Nancy Choi, Cindy Lai - Advocacy in Action: A Medicine Clerkship Curriculum.  Moderator: Bridget O'Brien.
  • 10/8  Cancelled due to Doctoral Week.
  • 10/15  Jehan Budak and Michael Reid - Update on the STRIPE HIV project: evaluating the impact of HIV interprofessional training across 20 African nursing and medical schools. Moderator: Sam Brondfield


  • 9/3  Susan Wlodarczyk, Virginie Muller-Juge, Karen Hauer, Michelle Tong, Amy Ransohoff, and Christy Boscardin - Student and faculty perceptions of medical knowledge assessment to optimize learning: a qualitative study (Manuscript, Table, Appendix).  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 9/17  Brian Gin - Bidirectional trust and collaboration between residents on Pediatrics wards.  Moderator: Justin Sewell.
  • 9/24  Daphne Lo - WGEA grant proposal.  Moderator: Lekshmi Santhosh


  • 8/6  Victoria Ruddick - Research Engagement.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 8/20 Nina Zhao, Clark Rosen, Vyvy Young, Fatma S. Genc and Christopher Dwyer - Relationship Between Academic Resources Provided and Productivity of an Academic Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgeon.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield.
  • 8/27 Cancelled - Doctoral Graduation in Utrecht

JULY 2019

  • 7/2  Jehan Budak and Michael Reid - Strengthening Interprofessional Education for HIV in Africa: A Transition Course. Moderator: Daphne Lo

  • 7/9  Brittany Badal - Reproductive Health Attitudes Among Pediatric Residency Program Directors. Survey handout. Moderator: Lara Pheatt

  • 7/16 David M. Irby, Bridget C. O’Brien, Terese Stenfors, and Per J. Palmgren - Clinical Learning Environment Inventories for Medical Education: Mapping Items to a Four Domain Construct.  Moderator: Lara Pheatt
  • 7/23 Irina (Era) Kryzhanovskaya and Adrian Anzaldua - Implementation and Evaluation of skills-based, longitudinal wellness curriculum in ARCH Weeks.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 7/30 Amy Day Rossa -Professional Identity Formation of Fellowship Program Directors. Moderator: Daphne Lo

18-19 Academic Year Past Sessions

JUNE 2019

  • 6/4   Rana Higgins and Patricia O'Sullivan - Robotic Surgery Through the Eyes of the Medical Student: Do We Help Them See? Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 6/11 Nicholas Iverson and Sam Brondfield - Manuscript draft review: Implementation of a Resident Oncology Video Curriculum. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 6/18  Kevin Thornton - Design and Implementation of a Longitudinal Wellness Curriculum in an Anesthesiology Residency Program.   Figures.  Moderator: Lara Pheatt.
  • 6/25  Leslie Sheu, Patricia O'Sullivan and Mitchell Feldman.  Precepting and Flow.  Tables.  Figure.

MAY 2019

  • 5/7   Cancelled due to Doctoral Week
  • 5/14 Kate Lupton and Sarah Schaeffer - Implementing Holistic Review in Graduate Medical Education. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 5/21 Katherine Gruenberg - A Characterization of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Readiness.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 5/28 Cancelled due to Annual TSP Retreat

APRIL 2019

  • 4/2    Cancelled due to Education Showcase
  • 4/9    None.
  • 4/16  Aron Liaw - 1. Expertise and Anchoring Bias in Medical Decision Making. 2. Individual Differences, Expertise and Outcome Bias in Medical Decision Making.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 4/23  Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Vivek Murthy (Johns Hopkins University), and Christy Boscardin - A multicenter survey of early career clinical activities and learning behaviors among internal medicine faculty. Moderator: Bridget O'Brien.
  • 4/30  Patricia O'Sullivan and Karen Hauer. WGEA discussion. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

MARCH 2019

  • 3/5    Rupa Tuan and Marieke Kruidering -Teaching and Assessing Pharmacology Application Using Different Approaches in UCSF’s Integrated Bridges Curriculum.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 3/12  Janeen Smith - A telehealth curriculum for interprofessional trainees and staff.    Moderator: Daphne Lo.
    Virginie Muller-Juge - Using the Learning Sciences to Optimize Medical School Assessment: How do Weekly Quizzes and Constructed Response Examinations Affect Students' Approach to Learning?.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
    Cindy Lai - Grade Appeal Questions.  Moderator: Patricia O'Sullivan.
  • 3/19  Amalia Gonzalez and Rachel Levy - Expanding Access to OBGYN Surgical Skills Training in the UCSF Medical Student Curriculum. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.  Valerie Gribben - Assessing the Impact of the Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) Training Among Pediatric Residents.  Moderator: Bridget O'Brien.
  • 3/26  Margaret Lin - Evaluating a Web-based Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Diagnosis of Intussusception.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.  Tammy Nicastro - Harnessing Faculty Development to Train a Community of Health Sciences Faculty in Sustainable Healthcare Education Across the University of California Health Sciences Schools.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.  Jacquelyn Kemmer and Jeannette Lager - UCSF OBGYN Core Clerkship Medical Student Mistreatment Curriculum.  Moderator: Emily Abdoler.  Benjamin Marsh and Andrew Infosino - Application of Established Objectives and Milestones to Develop a Model Curriculum for the Pediatric Anesthesia Resident Rotation. Moderator: Emily Abdoler.


  • 2/5    Brian Gin and Stephanie Tsoi - How trainees experience mutual trust: why working relationships are more important than autonomy.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 2/12  Shruti Kant and Dina Wallin - Feasibility Study of Milestone-based Notecards for Real-time Feedback to Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 2/19  Cees van der Vleuten - Curricular change at Maastricht: Beyond PBL.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.


  • 1/1   Cancelled - New Year's Day
  • 1/8   Pat O'Sullivan - How can the abstract 'Students are Watching: Conducting Effective Difficult Communications on Surgical Rotations' be improved to be appropriate for the Education Showcase?. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 1/15 Catherine Lomen-Hoerth - How to modify the WGEA abstract on 'Impact of a Longitudinal Professional Identity Formation (PIF) Curriculum' for the Education Showcase. For background purposes, attached is article on ARCH published in the Sept. 2018 issue of the SF Marin Medical Society Newsletter (see pages 16-17)See also ARCH week figure, and examples of wellness activities offered during ARCH weeks. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 1/22 Susan Wlodarczyk - Faculty perceptions of how constructed response (open-ended) assessments facilitate student learning.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 1/29 Cancelled due to LCME visit


  • 12/25   Cancelled - Christmas Day

  • 12/18   Gary Farkas - Time spent studying vs. study skills and prior anatomy knowledge in determining anatomy course performance in physical therapy students: A study proposal. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 12/11:   Workshop by Arianne Teherani - Tips for Writing your Abstract for the UCSF Education Showcase. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 12/4:

Aimee Medeiros - Gender Differences in Healthcare: A Content Review in Undergraduate Medical Education. Moderators: Laura Ellerbe and Mindy Ju.

Brittany Chambers, Jenna Gaarde, Andrea Jackson, Zea Malawa - What's it gonna take to eliminate racial health disparities in your lifetime? A course for UCSF medical students. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.

David Anderson, Sarah Blisset - Developing Online Resources to Flip the Classroom in Post-Graduate Cardiology Education. Moderators: Laura Ellerbe and Mindy Ju.

Ariel Deardorff - Building an Open Science Teaching Toolkit. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.


  • 11/6   Nancy Choi / Sneha Daya / Cindy Lai - Advocacy in Action: a Medicine Clerkship Curriculum. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 11/13 Annemarie Charlesworth - Embedding Environmental Health in UCSF Health Professional Education – Creating a Foundation for Faculty. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 11/20:

Margaret Lin - Developing an Innovative Point-of-care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Evaluation of Children with Suspected Intussusception. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

James Anstey - Developing Digital Researchers: Engaging trainees in the role of the electronic health record, data science, and informatics in scientific inquiry. Details on the curriculum proposal are here. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

Beth Griffiths - Assessing Patient Advocacy among Internal Medicine Clerkship Students. Moderator: Laura Ellerbe.

  • 11/27:

Justin Bullock, Karen Hauer, Cindy Lai, Pat O'Sullivan - Third-year medical students’ perception of the fairness and accuracy of clerkship grading, and its impact on their performance and learning outcomes.

Triveni Defries, Meghan O'Brien, Christine Soran - Developing an Inter-professional Education Curriculum on the ZSFG Addiction Care Team. See the concept submission page.

Stephanie Hsia - Pilot of a Mental Health First Aid Training for Health Professional Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Jonathan Pai - Back to the basics: Foundational science on internal medicine rounds.


  • 10/2   Jyothi Marbin / Maggie Gilbreth - An Exploration of Structural Racism, Health Disparities and Resilience. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 10/9   Cancelled for Doctoral Week

  • 10/16 Susie Wlodarczyk / Amy Ransohoff - Teaching the Learning Sciences to Medical Students. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 10/23 Brian Bakke - The role of Feedback in the Physician Coach-Medical Student Relationship. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.
  • 10/30 Arianne Teherani - The evolution of the professionalism movement in medical education: Where we have been, where we are, and where we need to go. Moderator: Daphne Lo.


  • 9/4   Emily Abdoler - Deliberate Practice in ID Fellowship. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.
  • 9/11 Brian Gin - Measuring co-construction: a dyadic item response theory model. Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 9/18 Mindy Ju - The Effect of Professional Background and Gender on Perceptions of Leadership by Healthcare Professional. Moderator: Daphne Lo.

    9/25 Larissa Thomas / Pat O'Sullivan - Becoming Outstanding Educators: What Do They Say Contributes to Success? Moderator: Lara Pheatt


  • 8/7   Ann Poncelet, et al. - Institutional Leaders’ Perspectives on Organizational Return on Investment: Endowed Chair and Intramural Grants Programs for Academic Clinician Educators. Prior to the session, we encourage to read the attached paper on The Kirkpatrick/Phillips ROI MethodologyTM. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.
  • 8/14 Tom Bodenheimer / Meg McNamara - UCSF Curriculum Innovation: Training First-Year Medical Students in Health Coaching. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.

  • 8/21 Leslie Floren - Knowledge Construction in Interprofessional Clinical Trainee Teams. Moderator: Lara Pheatt.

  • 8/28 Michael Deng / Morgan Kelly - Use of race and racial stereotypes in clinical vignettes in the first- and second-year learning materials in Bridges Curriculum. Moderator: Christy Boscardin.

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