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ESCape happens via Zoom every Tuesday from noon-1pm PT. (Please note that we typically begin the session at 12:10pm.)

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21-22 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions

Date/Time -

Tuesday, 7/5/22, 12noon-1:00pm

(We'll be starting at 12:10pm)

Nicholas Iverson, Allan Ndovu and Heather Whelan

July 2022

7/12    Katherine Hyland and Karla Lindquist - Clinician Needs Assessment for genetics and genomics education.  Moderator:  Sam Brondfield

7/19    Glenn Rosenbluth - Manuscript review – GME REFLECT program 10-year retrospective. Question. Moderator:  Lekshmi Santhosh

7/26    Lynnea Mills and Dan Wheeler - Internal Medicine Chief Mentorship project.  Moderator:  Jill Mongelluzzo

August 2022

8/2     Reserved for Innovations Funding.  Moderator: Lynnea Mills

8/9     Reserved for Innovations Funding.  Moderator: Sara Sani

8/16   Reserved for Innovations Funding.  Moderator: Justin Sewell

8/23   Available.  Moderator: Jill Mongelluzzo

8/30    Open Discussion with the ESCape Community.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson


21-22 Academic Year Past Sessions

JUNE 2022

MAY 2022

  • 5/17   Fatima Neemuchwala - Fellows Respiratory Physiology Curriculum.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 5/24   Gabriel Sarah and Billy Nguyen - UCSF Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) Anesthesia Fellowship Pipeline Mentorship Program.  Moderator: Sara Sani
  • 5/31   Alexandria Valdrighi - Addressing gaps in neurology resident EEG training.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield

APRIL 2022

  • 4/5   Sally Collins - Visible and Invisible: A Qualitative Study Exploring Physicians’ Lifelong Learning in Clinical Practice.  Moderator: Leslie Floren
  • 4/12 Kara Lau, María Jimena Alemán, Rafael Medina, Sam Brondfield, and Saman Nematollahi - Around the World in 60 Minutes: How a Virtual Morning Report has Created an International Community for Clinical Reasoning and Medical Education.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson
  • 4/19  Cindy Chai - Incorporating trainees with multiple medical backgrounds with a collaboration focused curriculum.  Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg
  • 4/19   Iris Price - Teaching Community Engagement for Health Professions Students in Underserved Areas.  Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg
  • 4/19   Paola Manterola Bustamante - Training California’s Spanish-speaking public health workforce: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy.  Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg
  • 4/26    Amity Eliaz - Transitioning Interprofessional HIV Education From In-Person to Remote Learning. Moderator: Sara Sani
  • 4/26    Eric Kim - Building a quality improvement and patient safety curriculum in low- and middle-income countries.  Moderator: Sara Sani
  • 4/26    Allison Gomez - A Student and Faculty Collaborative Approach: Guidelines for Integrating Gender and Sex Inclusion into Medical Education Curriculum.  Moderator: Sara Sani
  • 4/26    Tracy Fulton - Perceived Benefits and Drawbacks of Constructed Response Short Answer Questions (CR-SAQs) in Undergraduate Medical Education Pre-clerkship Assessment.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 4/26    May Nguyen - Medical Student Roles & Responsibilities During Obstetrics & Gynecology Core Clerkships: A Qualitative Study of Trainees’ Perceptions.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 4/26    Rosalyn Plotzker - The Virtual Approach to Gynecology.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 4/26    Caroline Nguyen - Building faculty educator skills in equity and antiracism: a realist program evaluation.  Moderator: Elizabeth Gatewood
  • 4/26    Caroline Nguyen - Destigmatizing substance use disorder curricula in undergraduate medical education.  Moderator: Elizabeth Gatewood
  • 4/26     Deborah Yip - Processing Systemic Racism: Building a reflection curriculum for third year students rotating at San Quentin State Prison.  Moderator: Elizabeth Gatewood
  • 4/26     Ramanjot Kaur - Lessons for Training and Supporting a Pandemic Response Workforce from a San Francisco Disaster Service Worker Exit Survey.  Moderator:  Stephanie Rennke
  • 4/26     Paola Manterola Bustamante - Lessons learned facilitating remote trainings for the California COVID-19 Case Investigator and Contact Tracer (CICT) workforce.  Moderator: Stephanie Rennke

MARCH 2022

  • 3/1  Alexandria Valdrighi - Physician Perspectives on Immigration Legal Counseling and Tailored Education Intervention: Lessons from the Public Charge Rule.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 3/8  Jennifer Seuferer - Evaluation plan for K12 training program for physician scientists.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 3/15  Sam Brondfield, Hee joo Ko, Geronimo Garcia - How Transgender, Gender-Expansive, and Non-Binary Medical Student Experience Medical School.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell
  • 3/22  Open discussion with the ESCape community.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 3/29 Margaret Robinson - Assessment of Trainee Desire for Feedback Using EHR footprints.  Moderator: Leslie Floren


  • 2/1 Daryl Norcott - Advanced Training for Correctional Professionals – Teaching History, Facilitating Collaboration, and Inspiring Innovation.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 2/1  Jenna Essakow - Acknowledging & Addressing Microaggressions, An Experiential Learning Approach.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 2/1  Martha Elster - Coaching the Learner in Difficulty: A Transformational Opportunity for Coaches’ Critical Reflection and Growth.  Moderator:  Margaret Robinson
  • 2/1 Alexander Marr - Training a Cadre of Local Public Health in Proper Outbreak Management related to SARS-COv-2.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson
  • 2/8  Cindy Chai -Innovations in multidisciplinary medical education – Incorporating trainees with multiple medical backgrounds with a collaboration-focused curriculum.  Moderator: Lynnea Mills
  • 2/8  May Nguyen - Expectations of Third-Year Medical Students during OB/GYN Clerkships: A Qualitative Study of Resident and Medical Student Perceptions.  Moderator: Lynnea Mills
  • 2/8  Lily Hitchner - The Resident Experience with Psychological Safety During Interprofessional Critical Event Debriefings.  Moderator: Lynnea Mills
  • 2/8  Mike Reid and Maeve Forster - When Life Gives you Lemons: Evaluating the impact of transitioning a multi-country interprofessional HIV training program sub–Saharan Africa from classroom to online format.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson
  • 2/8  Sara D'souza - Review of Instruments that Measure Self-Reported Physician Practice Change and How They Correlate with Actual Behavior Change. Moderator: Margaret Robinson
  • 2/8  Amity Eliaz - Transitioning interdisciplinary HIV education from in-person to remote learning.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson 
  • 2/15  Elle Clelland and Hope Schwartz - High-Value Care in Pre-Clinical Medical Education: A Pilot of an Integrated Longitudinal Curriculum.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 2/15  Eric Kim - Building quality improvement and health system strengthening capacity in global health.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 2/15  Hohui Eileen Wang - Improv-ing Teaching: Using an Online Medical Improv Program to Teach Child Psychiatry Clinical Skills.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 2/15  Yalda Shahram - Applying Critical Consciousness Framework to Education Programs.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 2/15  Leo Garcia Martinez - Developing Novel Tools for Emergency Department Clinicians to Discuss Immigration for Resource Referral.   Moderator: Justin Sewell


  • 1/4    Justin Bullock - Review Study Design for Safe to Thrive and Be Valued: A Qualitative Study of Identity Safety in Clerkship Medical Students; Interview Guide.  Moderator: Mindy Ju.
  • 1/11  Madeline Yung - Survey of fundoscopy training in neurology and neurosurgery residencies.  Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg
  • 1/18  Era Kryzhanovskaya and Christina Schmidt -

    Teamwork makes the dream work: development, implementation, and evaluation of a longitudinal communication skills curriculum.  Moderator Justin Sewell

  • 1/25  Connie Wang -  Education Showcase 2022 Abstract:  Implementation and Analysis of an Online Esophageal Motility Curriculum for Gastroenterology Fellows over a Four-Year Period.  Moderator: Margaret Robinson
  • 1/25  Robin Goldman, Bassem Ghali, Zhenya Krapivinsky - Education Showcase 2022 Abstract:  Using patient stories to teach learners about structural determinants of health and address bias in healthcare.  Moderator: Daphne Lo


  • 12/7   Alexander Dien, Alejandra Hernandez, Vincent Ann - Student self-efficacy following involvement in a community clinic.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 12/14  Jason Satterfield - Transforming an Educational Ecosystem for Substance Use Disorders: A Multi-Modal Model for Continuous Curricular Improvement and Institutional Change.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 12/21  Cancelled due to the Holidays
  • 12/18  Cancelled due to the Holidays


  • 11/2    Margaret Robinson - Finding (and keeping) a voice amidst complex systems and increased supervision: Residents' perceptions of clinical decision-making and patient care ownership.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 11/9    Open discussion with the ESCape community.
  • 11/16  Ann Poncelet and Sally Collins - How Institutional Leaders Think about Investing in Educators: Identifying Value Factors.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo.
  • 11/23   Zoë Kopp - Lower the Flag: An Investigation into Behavioral Alerts in the Electronic Health Record.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 11/30  Dana Larsen - Increasing fellow engagement in Free Open Access Medical education (FOAMed): a pilot study.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 11/30  Shradha Kulkarni and Emily Insetta - An Innovative Curriculum to Improve and Modernize MS3 Oral Presentations.   Moderator: Katherine Gruenberg
  •  11/30 M. Shoaib Khan - Development of harm reduction curriculum for primary care physicians. Moderator: Daphne Lo


  • 10/5    Yalda Shahram - Tea House Series: Striving Together To Be Antiracist.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 10/12  Cancelled
  • 10/19  Jessica Ristau - Getting up to speed or Bootcamp Basics: Implementation of an 8-hour Interprofessional, Inpatient-based Addiction Conference.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 10/26  Jay Bindman and Allison Gomez - A holistic approach to sex and gender inclusivity in a multidisciplinary course guided by students and faculty.  Moderator:  Jillian Mongelluzzo


  • 9/7      Devi Beck-Pancer - Creating safe spaces for medical student vulnerability: The role of peer-led support groups/  Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo
  • 9/14    Cancelled
  • 9/21    Glenn Rosenbluth, Mike Wang, and Ben Rosner - Using EHR footprints to identify patient-provider attribution - Academic Medicine Innovation and Research Reports
  • 9/28    Susannah Cornes - “Reading it was like suffering”: Understanding faculty and patient reactions to medical student notes.  Moderator: Daphne Lo


  • 8/3  Exploring and developing an Academy of Medical Educators Innovations Funding proposal.  Moderators: Lindsey Haddock, Mindy Ju
  • 8/10  Erin Green - Application of a constructivist framework during an oral examination of physical therapy students on a video conferencing platform.  Moderator:  Justin Sewell
  • 8/17  Anda Kuo and Amy Louer - Building Resilience: Lessons Learned from a Multi-state Learning Collaborative, Feedback, and Manuscript.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 8/24  Dana Rohde and Madeleine Norris - Yoga with Danatomy.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 8/31  Lindsey Haddock, Sara Dsouza, and Josette Rivera - Developing an Instrument to Measure Physician Practice Change After CME.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield

JULY 2021

  • 7/6   Elizabeth Liao - Assessment of student perception and cognitive load of virtual reality and 3D modeling on learning head and neck anatomy  Moderator:  Jillian Mongelluzzo
  • 7/13  Nova Wilson - CULTIVATE (Combating Unequal Treatment in Healthcare Through Virtual Awareness and Training in Empathy): Addressing Health Disparities by Cultivating Empathy Through Virtual Reality.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 7/20  Daphne Lo - Health Systems Personnel’s Landscapes of Practice in a pre-clerkship health systems science curriculum.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 7/20  Rupa Tuan and Stephanie Hsia - Evaluating a Health Equity Curriculum in the School of Pharmacy.  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 7/27  Exploring and developing an Academy of Medical Educators Innovations Funding proposal.  Moderators: Sam Brondfield, Jillian Mongelluzzo


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