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ESCape happens every Tuesday from noon-1pm PT. (Please note that we typically begin the session at 12:05pm.)

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19- 20 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions




By Zoom only: Please contact Maria Pappas ( for the Zoom link.

Margaret Lin-Martore

June 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

6/9  Miguel Linares and Arianne Teherani. (TBD). Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo

6/16 Drew Robinett, Sam Brondfield and Heidi Kirsch - The Cognitive Load of Integrating Basic Science during Case-based Learning: Medical Student Perspectives (Interview Guide). Moderator: Justin Sewell

6/23  Jackeline Barajas Duque, Heidi Kirsch and Sam Brondfield - Transitioning undergraduate medical education to an online learning platform in response to COVID pandemic: Effects on intrinsic motivation and learning outcomes.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay

6/30  (Available). Moderator: Sam Brondfield

July 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

7/7  Lily Hitchner - Assessing Emergency Medicine Resident Crisis Resource Management Skills: Interprofessional Feedback and Self-Assessment During Critical Events. Moderator: Daphne Lo

7/14  (Available). Moderator: Mindy Ju

7/21 (Available). Moderator: Justin Sewell

7/28 Becca Neuwirth and Michelle Buchholz -  Clinical Competency Fidelity in Simulation. Moderator: Sam Brondfield

August 2020

ESCape sessions available upon request

8/4  (Available). Moderator: Daphne Lo

8/11  (Available). Moderator: Mindy Ju

8/18  (Available). Moderator: TBD

8/25  (Available). Moderator: Sam Brondfield


19-20 Academic Year Past Sessions

MAY 2020

  • 5/5    Anelah McGinness and Ashkon Shaahinfar - Point of Care ultrasound for pediatricians: needs assessment survey and pilot. Grant proposal. Information about the WAPPD grant. Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 5/12  Sam Brondfield and Nick Iverson - Asynchronous learning for residents: resubmission help, Feedback and Questions.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 5/19  Cancelled due to TSP Retreat
  • 5/26 Margaret Lin-Martore - Evaluating a Web-based Point-of-care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Diagnosis of Intussusception Moderator: Sam Brondfield

APRIL 2020

  • 4/7 Michelle Hermiston, Anu Agrawal, Sunya Akhter, and Alex Keir - Identifying Research Opportunities for a Novel Train-the-Trainer Pediatric Oncology Fellowship Program in Vietnam.  Moderator: Mindy Ju
  • 4/14 Glenn Rosenbluth, Ben Rosner, and Mike Wang - Attributing patients to learners based on EHR “footprints”.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 4/21 Marieke Kruidering and Rupa Tuan - Aligning hearts and minds: creation of an integrated cardiovascular pharmacy course. Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 4/28 Chris Stewart and Pat O'Sullivan - Describing the non-traditional path through medicine. Moderator: Sam Brondfield

MARCH 2020

  • 3/3 Jessica Ristau and Scott Steiger - Needs assessment and evaluation of 1-day training for Academic Hospitalists to treat substance use disorders: From X-waiver to practice of evidence-based medicine.    Addiction Medicine Bootcamp Evaluation.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo
  • 3/10 Christy Boscardin, Marla Ferschl, and Andrew Infosino - Implementation, Growth and Assessment of a Visiting Scholar Exchange Program to Promote Pediatric Anesthesia Faculty and Fellow Professional Development.  Moderator: Mindy Ju.
  • 3/17 Sam Brondfield - The benefits of a longitudinal open art studio experience for patients with cancer.  Figure. Questions.  Moderator:  Naike Bochatay.
  • 3/24 Arianne Teherani - Equity in Assessment through the Anti Deficit lens.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield.
  • 3/31 Robin Goldman, Lenny Lopez,  Sriram Shamasunder and Ameryl Loi -Evaluating the impact of the HEAL Initiative Fellowship program.  Moderator: Mindy Ju


  • 2/4  Tessnim Ahmad - What’s wrong with that optic nerve? Learning to diagnose ophthalmic diseases via adaptive vs. traditional learning modules (ppt).   Abstract.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
    Era Kryzhanovskaya - ARCH week well-being curriculum.  Moderator:  Daphne Lo
    Mitch Feldman and Mia Williams - Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors Assessment of Faculty Questionnaire.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
    Rosalyn Plotzker - The Virtual Approach to Gynecology.  Moderator:  Naike Bochatay
    Liz Gatewood - An IPE approach to training students in treatment of opioid use disorder.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
  • 2/11  Cees van der Vleuten - Maastricht curriculum changes and research interactions.  Moderator: Jillian Mongelluzzo
  • 2/18  Cancelled.
  • 2/25  Bridget O'Brien and Anna Chang.  Integration of Health Systems Science into a Medical School Curriculum: Can Early Medical Students Successfully Engage in Health Systems Improvement?  References  Questions  Moderator:  Sam Brondfield


  • 1/7   Dina Wallin -Northern California Pediatric Emergency Medicine Education Day.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
    Katie Raffel, Sirisha Narayana and Jessica Fuller - Clinical mastery: facilitating faculty self-directed learning in self-reflection, deliberate practice and feedback.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 1/14 Joe Cook - Educating the Whole Clinician at the Intersection of Well-being and Patient Care: A Mindfulness Curriculum for Clinical Trainees.  Moderator: Mindy Ju.
  • 1/21 David Sears and Conan Macdougall - Education Showcase Abstract: Antimicrobial Stewardship for Pharmacy Students and Medical Students - A New Interprofessional Learning.  Experience. Moderator: Naike Bochatay
    Martha Elster, Karen Hauer, Pat O'Sullivan, Leslie Sheu, Virginie Muller-Juge, and Suni Kaiser - Education Showcase Abstract: Does Being a Coach Benefit Clinician-Educators? A Mixed Methods Study of Faculty Self-Efficacy, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout. Moderator: Naike Bochatay
    Jesus Uribe - Education Showcase Abstract: Augmented-Reality Enhanced Anatomy Learning (A-REAL). Moderator:  Mindy Ju
  • 1/28  Margaret Lin-Martore - Evaluation of a Web-based Point-of-care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Diagnosis of intussusception. Moderator: Sam Brondfield
    Loren Alving - Addressing a critical physician manpower shortage: the UCSF SJV PRIME program. Moderator: Sam Brondfield
    Lee Seligman and Karen Hauer - From clerkship grading to assessment for learning: a qualitative exploration of student perceptions surrounding changes to core clerkship assessment.  Moderator: Daphne Lo


  • 12/3 Justin Sewell and Patricia O'Sullivan - Making the Workplace Work: It’s All About the Design (workshop to be submitted to AMEE 2020)  Moderator: Daphne Lo
    Anita Richards - Impact of Implicit Bias Training on Standardized Patient Assessment and Feedback  Moderator: Daphne Lo
    Nina Zhao - Making Assessment Meaningful: How Do Surgical Assessments Affect Teaching and Learning? Moderator: Lekshmi Santhosh
    Heather Whelan and Nick Iverson - Turning Up the Heat: on Creating A Comprehensive Climate Change Curriculum and Career Exploration Resources.  Moderator: Lekshmi Santhosh
    Heather Whelan and Brent Kobashi - Training for Specialty Career Advisors to Benefit Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Medical Students  Moderator: Justin Sewell
  • 12/10 Meghan O'Brien and Justin Bullock - Getting Past Eggshells: Creating Communities of Practice to Empower Faculty to Identify and Address Microaggressions in the Clinical Learning Environment.  Moderator: Stephanie Rennke
    Stephanie Conner - Creating a Novel Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Pathway for Internal Medicine Residents.  Moderator: Stephanie Rennke
    Anne Ritchie and Larissa Thomas - A Multi-Residency Elective to Address Well-being as a Systems Issue.  Moderator: Stephanie Rennke
    Amy Whittle and Joan Jeung - Trauma Informed Care Training for Pediatric Trainees  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
    Jina Sinskey and Kristina Sullivan - Relative Efficacy and Cost Analysis of Role Play vs. Simulation for Conflict Management Education: A Multi-Institutional Study.  Moderator: Naike Bochatay
    Kala Mehta and Peter Chin-Hong - How the inter-professional $10 challenge program improves learners' ability to handle uncertainty and make new discoveriesModerator: Naike Bochatay
  • 12/17 Katrina Gabriel-Ramos - Development of a Competency-Based Trauma Anesthesia Residency Curriculum using the Anesthesia ToolBoxQuestions. Powerpoint slides. Moderator: Arianne Teherani
  • 12/24 Cancelled due to Winter holiday.
  • 12/31 Cancelled due to the New Year's holiday.


  • 11/5  Justin Bullock, Karen Hauer and Arianne Teherani - Mixed-methods exploration of racial/ethnic stereotype threat amongst fourth year medical students.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 11/12 Cancelled due to AAMC
  • 11/19 Shannon Smith-Bernardin - House Calls to the Homeless: Street Health Outreach Education. Moderator: Daphne Lo
    Sandra Domeracki - Self Care Exploration for Well-being and Academic Success. Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 11/26 Meredith Vanstone, McMaster University - The Grey Areas of Mistreatment and Abuse: How do Medical Learners and Educators Make Sense of Negative Interactions in the Clinical Workplace.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield


  • 10/1  Sneha Daya, Nancy Choi, Cindy Lai - Advocacy in Action: A Medicine Clerkship Curriculum.  Moderator: Bridget O'Brien.
  • 10/8  Cancelled due to Doctoral Week.
  • 10/15  Jehan Budak and Michael Reid - Update on the STRIPE HIV project: evaluating the impact of HIV interprofessional training across 20 African nursing and medical schools. Moderator: Sam Brondfield
  • 10/22 Leena Suleiman - AME Innovations funding proposal: assessment tool development.  Survey. Moderator: Lekshmi Santhosh
  • 10/29 Sara Clemons and Pat Cornett - Re-imagining Electives in the Third Year (abstract and presentation).  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 10/29 Leslie Charondo - Bridging Teams in the OR: Semi structured interviews of faculty and residents on their perceptions of challenges students face during perioperative clerkships (abstract and scorecard).  Moderator: Naike Bochatay.


  • 9/3  Susan Wlodarczyk, Virginie Muller-Juge, Karen Hauer, Michelle Tong, Amy Ransohoff, and Christy Boscardin - Student and faculty perceptions of medical knowledge assessment to optimize learning: a qualitative study (Manuscript, Table, Appendix).  Moderator: Daphne Lo.
  • 9/17  Brian Gin - Bidirectional trust and collaboration between residents on Pediatrics wards.  Moderator: Justin Sewell.
  • 9/24  Daphne Lo - WGEA grant proposal.  Moderator: Lekshmi Santhosh


  • 8/6  Victoria Ruddick - Research Engagement.  Moderator: Daphne Lo.

  • 8/20 Nina Zhao, Clark Rosen, Vyvy Young, Fatma S. Genc and Christopher Dwyer - Relationship Between Academic Resources Provided and Productivity of an Academic Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgeon.  Moderator: Sam Brondfield.
  • 8/27 Cancelled - Doctoral Graduation in Utrecht

JULY 2019

  • 7/2  Jehan Budak and Michael Reid - Strengthening Interprofessional Education for HIV in Africa: A Transition Course. Moderator: Daphne Lo

  • 7/9  Brittany Badal - Reproductive Health Attitudes Among Pediatric Residency Program Directors. Survey handout. Moderator: Lara Pheatt

  • 7/16 David M. Irby, Bridget C. O’Brien, Terese Stenfors, and Per J. Palmgren - Clinical Learning Environment Inventories for Medical Education: Mapping Items to a Four Domain Construct.  Moderator: Lara Pheatt
  • 7/23 Irina (Era) Kryzhanovskaya and Adrian Anzaldua - Implementation and Evaluation of skills-based, longitudinal wellness curriculum in ARCH Weeks.  Moderator: Daphne Lo
  • 7/30 Amy Day Rossa -Professional Identity Formation of Fellowship Program Directors. Moderator: Daphne Lo


18-19 ESCape sessions

17-18 ESCape sessions

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