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Equity and Justice in Education (EJE) Works in Progress meetings alternate on every month between the first Tuesday of the month at 2 pm and first Thursday of the month at noon. (Please note that we typically begin the session at 5 minutes after the hour.)

How to Join

To join remotely via Zoom:

Contact Maria Pappas ( for the Zoom link.

In Person: (meeting via Zoom effective March 2020)
Parnassus 521 Parnassus Ave, 2nd Fl

Link to this page:

Preparation and Session Format


  • Presenters should send their 1) presentation, manuscript or grant and 2) the questions they want EJE to focus on to Maria Pappas ( by the week before their EJE session.
  • In advance of the session, presenters should designate a primary team member whose name will be listed on the EJE Schedule for participants to contact should they have additional feedback or would like to connect.


  • Presenters will have 10 minutes to present their work or have participants read their manuscript/grant.
  • If there is a slide presentation, it should provide the larger context.
  • Presenters should spend most of their session time focusing on the core content for which they want feedback.
  • Presenters should come prepared with the questions they want participants to focus on. The questions should be prioritized in case time is limited.

To receive weekly EJE updates, sign up here:

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Jane (Journal/Author Name Estimator)

  • Jane compares your document to millions of documents in PubMed to find the best matching journals, authors or articles.

Guide to Anti-Racism Resources 

  • Anti-Racism Resources at UCSF Library
20-21 Academic Year Upcoming Sessions

Co-leads: Denise Connor, Michelle Guy, Kate Lupton, Arianne Teherani

EJE WIP sessions are available upon request - please contact Maria Pappas (

Thursday, 11/4/21, 12noon-1:00pm

Tuesday, 12/7/21, 2:00-3:00pm

Caroline Nguyen - Realist evaluation of the Teach for UCSF certificate in Teaching for Equity and Inclusion

Thursday, 1/6/22, 12noon-1:00pm

Odi Ehie - TBD

Tuesday, 2/1/22, 2:00-3:00pm


21-22 Academic Year Past Sessions

July 2021 - on hiatus

August 2021 - on hiatus

September 2021 - Jhia Jackson - (Re)Defining Success: Can UCSF approach the relationship between evaluation and diversity with an anti-deficit framework? 

October 2021 - Camila Cribb-Fabersunne - Measuring the impact of Racial Affinity Groups

20-21 Academic Year Past Sessions

October 2020

10/6  Cindy Lai, Sneha Daya, Margaret Wheeler, Gurpreet Dhaliwal and Nancy Choi - Diversity and Equity Efforts in the Medicine Clerkship

November 2020

11/5  Alejandra Rincón and Aimee Medeiros - Racism Matters: Campaigning for Curriculum Change in Medical Education

11/5  Archna Eniasivam - Facilitating Topics on Issues of Equity and Justice

December 2020

12/1  Yalda Shahram - The Tea House Series: Striving Together to be Antiracist - An interprofessional antiracist education program framed by the pedagogy of Freire

12/1  Jenna Essakow, Sneha Daya and Jyothi Marbin - Acknowledging & Addressing Microaggressions, An Experiential Learning Approach

January 2021

1/7    Justin Bullock, Prabjot Minhas, Meghan O’Brien, Alicia Fernandez, Kate Lupton and Karen Hauer - Manuscript Review- No one size fits all: A qualitative study of clerkship medical students' perceptions of desired supervisor responses to microaggressions

February 2021

2/2   Denise Connor - Clinical Reasoning in Context: Identity, Background & Equity in the Diagnostic Process

March 2021

3/4   Meghan O'Brien, Michelle Guy and Arianne Teherani - Advancing Institutional Climate and Culture through Scaled Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

April 2021

4/6    April Edwell - The exclusion of Black trainees from (pediatric) subspecialties presentation and Interview Guide

May 2021

5/6    Tomás Díaz - Gender and skin tone bias in emergency medicine evaluations of medical students

June 2021

6/15   Karen Brent who leads communications for the Center for Faculty Educators will be attending to discuss and solicit feedback around communication around EJE – the ongoing scholarship, building the EJE faculty “database” for mentorship and community.

6/15   Denise Connor will present the newly launched three-year Anti-Oppressive Curriculum Initiative which will expand the social justice pillar in the School of Medicine Bridges curriculum.

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