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Intended for teachers in clinical settings, the Teach for UCSF Certificate in Clinical Teaching consists of 9 required workshops. Participants demonstrate skills learned by completing assessment exercises during the workshops.

Overall Objectives

  • Create an educational environment for learners that encourages their learning, self-improvement, and development as clinicians.
  • Provide learners with verbal and written feedback to generate plans for improvement.
  • Apply an expanded repertoire of teaching and assessment methods to diverse types of learners in various clinical settings.
  • Implement strategies to address challenges that might arise in clinical teaching.

Required Workshops

Use the links below to:

  • Revisit learning materials on workshop dashboards
  • Complete missing skills assessments.

NOTE: to register for a workshop, see the next column to the right.


  • *Clinical Teaching (4hrs) may be substituted for both Time-Efficient Clinical Teaching (2hrs) and Challenges in Clinical Teaching (2hrs).

Register for Workshops

Use the list below to find and register for workshops.

Other ways to find workshops:

  • Search in calendar view using category filters to see workshops beyond 6 months out.
  • Search in Card View to see workshops with available seats

Scheduling Note

We are currently scheduling workshops for summer and fall 2021.  Please check this page for workshops as they are scheduled.

Important Dates to Hold

Teach for UCSF Cohort Option NEW!

We are offering to group participants into self-managed cohorts based on Teach for UCSF certificate track and enrollment date. If you are interested, please read more and opt in at this link:

Certificate Teaching Team

Steward: Andrea Marmor

SF Faculty Developers

  • Sara Buckelew
  • Peter Chin-Hong
  • Calvin Chou
  • Denise Davis
  • Gurpreet Dhaliwal
  • Doranne Donesky
  • Amy Garlin
  • Elizabeth Gatewood
  • Erica Hansen
  • Duncan Henry
  • Elizabeth Joyce
  • Rebekah Kaplan
  • Angel Kuo
  • Jeanette Lager
  • Ryan Laponis
  • Descartes Li
  • Lindsay Mazotti
  • Andrea Marmor
  • Kara Myers
  • Patricia O'Sullivan
  • Neda Ratanawongsa
  • Sarah Summerville
  • Jessica Tashjian
  • Vanessa Thompson
  • Margo Vener
  • Maria Wamsley
  • Charlotte Wills
  • Tali Ziv

Fresno Faculty Developers

  • Kenny Banh
  • Ivy Darden
  • Renee Kinman
  • Ednann Naz
  • Stacy Sawtelle-Vohra
  • Steven Stoltz
  • Steven Tringali
  • Serena Yang