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Dear faculty development participants:

Given the UCSF, city-wide and state-wide restrictions on gatherings, the CFE will address scheduled faculty development offerings with a mix of cancellations and online versions of workshops. We will inform registrants about the status of each offering scheduled through the end of May.  We will attempt to reschedule cancelled workshops as soon as it is safe to have face-to-face gatherings.

Thank you for your patience and stay well.

CFE Faculty Development Team

UCSF Educational Skills Workshop Dashboards

This site hosts learning materials and links for UCSF Educational Skills Workshops offered by the Center for Faculty Educators.  Each faculty development topic on the space has a workshop dashboard that is used during a workshop to access links and materials, and provides access later to review materials. Our goal is to post handouts, slides, and faculty development team members for each topic. 

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Upcoming Workshops

If you are looking for upcoming workshops, including required workshops for Teach for UCSF Certificates, see 

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UCSF Education Showcase
May 14-16, 2020 - NOTE: Some workshops may take place virtually instead of being cancelled.

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See the Participant Portal for the Teach for UCSF Certificate Program or use the links below to find related workshops for each track. 

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