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UC Libraries Federal Documents Archive (FedDocArc) Project 



In September 2014 the UC Libraries endorsed the “UC Federal Documents Archive: Report and Recommendations” and approved implementation of the first two phases for the creation of a shared UC archive of US federal government documents to create a more coherent and coordinated collection, improve access through increased digitization, and regain shelf space from unnecessary duplication. FedDocArc is designed as a persistent archive that consists of one print and one digital copy of all US federal government documents owned by the UC Libraries. Print copies may be shelved at a UC Regional Library Facility or a UC campus library; all print copies will be available to library patrons as “library use only.”  Digital copies will be preserved in the HathiTrust repository.  In December 2014, CoUL charged the FedDocArc Implementation Oversight Team to undertake this project.  FedDocArc reports to CoUL via the UC Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC).

Background Documentation

UC Federal Documents Archive Charge (2013)

UC FedDocArc Recommendations (2014)

UC FedDocArc Implementation Oversight Team Charge (2014)

Update December 2014

Update May 2015

Update November 2016 

Project Team

The oversight team is a small group of people who represent key aspects of the project; their appointments continue through completion of Phase Two.   The membership of the team will evolve as needed, with confirmation of changes handled through DOC.  Additionally, the team will be calling upon the expertise of other staff at CDL and the UC Libraries, especially members of the original project team and GILS, as needed for specific aspects of this project.

As of October 2017, the FedDocArc Implementation Oversight Team is:

  • Elizabeth Dupuis (Project Lead, DOC, UCB)
  • Jesse Silva (Collection Lead, GILS, UCB)
  • Lynne Grigsby (Systems Lead, UCB)
  • Paul Fogel (Google Books liaison, CDL)
  • Erik Mitchell (NRLF) 
  • Tin Tran (SRLF)
  • Vincent Novoa (UCR)
  • Kelly Smith (UCSD)
  • Emily Stambaugh (Shared Print, CDL)

In Scope

The implementation oversight team will investigate issues, evaluate approaches, develop processes, and confirm procedures involved in all aspects of completing Phase One (print archive from the collections at the RLFs) and Phase Two (digital archive from the duplicate collections at the RLFs). The infrastructure and procedural issues will be resolved early in the team’s work. As the team identifies special issues they can adjust scope in consultation with DOC.  For example in September 2015 approval was given to run a campus pilot project with UCR in preparation for understanding the processes and resources required for Phase Three which involves review of on-campus holdings with each UC campus library.

Initial work includes:

  • filing a Selective Housing Agreement
  • confirming our disposition process with the California State Library
  • implementing a system for managing large-scale offers to other CA depository libraries
  • gauging the accuracy of RLF records and shelving prior to disclosure of items as shared
  • testing the workflow and procedures for items designated for Google sheet-fed
  • advocating for HathiTrust to provide full-text downloadable views of federal government
  • developing the standards for disclosure for these government monographs and serials
  • reviewing records to identify the copies for retention, digitization, and offers/withdrawals
  • completing these two initial phases
  • documenting any resources needed for successful completion of these initial phases.

Near term goals documented in the Council of University Librarians' Systemwide Plans and Priorities for FY2016-2017:

  • confirmation of a method for disclosures
  • completion of identification and disclosure of items currently shelved at the RLFs
  • confirmation of process for reviewing and handling items currently shelved at an individual UC campus
  • initial analysis of progress made and resources needed to continue the project into the next phase.

Out of Scope

FedDocArc focuses initially on US federal documents exclusively, thus does not include state or international documents. Additionally, later phases of the FedDocArc project will focus on reviewing the holdings at individual UC campuses and new items that were collected by the UC Libraries after the initial record snapshot was taken in 2013.


At the completion of Phase One, the oversight team will submit a report with an assessment of the project and a recommendation for staffing and costs associated with Phase Three for review and approval by SAG3, the Coordinating Committee, and the Council of University Librarians before continuing.

Fiscal Considerations

Initial resources for the pilot phases are being provided by current staffing at UCB, NRLF, and SRLF to enable the oversight team to better understand the type and scope of work involved and resources required to create the best lightweight implementation of the creation of the archive while also ensuring a quality result for the UC Libraries.  If additional resources are required for completion of Phase One or Phase Two, those will be documented and requested through the UC Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC).

Schedule Considerations

The project began in December 2014. Phase One is estimated to run January 2015 – December 2016; Phase Two is estimated to run July 2015 – June 2018. These dates will be affected by the availability of Berkeley's programmer staff to contribute to this project in addition to their normal tasks, the availability of RLF staff in light of other CoUL-approved projects happening simultaneously at the RLFs, and complications in comparison of records/holdings across the RLFs.  Phase Two will also be affected by logistics to be coordinated with CDL, Google, and the RLFs.



For information, contact:

Elizabeth Dupuis, AUL for Educational Initiatives & User Services
UC Berkeley Library
(510) 642-3773


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