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Thinking this over... what if the process looked something like:

  1. Exhibition curator/organizer contacts CDL (Sherri) about creating an exhibition
  2. Sherri sends them proposal (and the template for context). Perhaps an "orientation" call.
  3. Curator/organizer returns proposal and Sherri reviews for
    1. Completeness
    2. Technical feasibility
    3. Staffing / timeline logistics
    4. General evaluation relative to criteria (TBD- we need to create this) - like a first-pass grant reviewer or program officer, who can identify areas of weakness, etc.
  4. Curator/organizer revises proposal, then it goes to...?
    1. This is where we have to discuss whether this proposal gets fully vetted by CDL and/or another body
  5. Once proposal is accepted, Curator/organizer and Sherri have a meeting to get down to logistics
    1. Really go over the template
    2. Timeline, etc.
  6. Curator/organizer submits template to Sherri.
  7. Sherri reviews the template and plays 2 roles:
    1. Like before, a first-pass reviewer and "helper" to best prepare it for review
    2. An editorial role, ensuring writing is up to snuff and aligned with Calisphere standards
  8. Curator/organizer revises template, then it goes to...?
    1. Again: this is where we have to discuss whether this proposal gets fully vetted by CDL and/or another body
  9. Once exhibition is accepted, Sherri plugs it into the interface
    1. Small details refined, e.g. banner ("hero") image
  10. Curator/organizer okays the final exhibition
  11. CDL pushes exhibition to production


Concerns & notes:

  • Too much overhead for SB? - especially the "between" steps
  • Proposal vs. exhibition - can we iron out more of it in the proposal step, so more of it is ready-to-go 
    • Proposal stage: CDL-mediated
    • Exhibition stage: whoever-vetted
    • Final edits: curator-driven
  • Finer rounds of approval, etc. - a back-and-forth
  • *CDL as arbitrator of the proposal/initial phase: guiding the content - this is important
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