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  • Release to-dos for September 14, 2015
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(in no particular order)


Harvest remaining Nuxeo collections:

  • CDRI
  • LIJA (without QTVR)
  • Ramicova
Barbara / Mark
Re-harvest UCSD collection to catch missing objectsAdrian / Mark
Work on UCLA collections with count discrepancies (as able)Mark
Confirm that all Nuxeo objects have thumbnail images, continue troubleshooting as neededBarbara / Mark
Change the size of format icons for various "settings"Joel
Make additional tweaks to site performance and speedBrian

Create a test for session storage on mobile devices, and throw a warning message if no session storage (private browsing) is detected.


I also want to record stats for this in google analytics

Fix the "menu flash" issue for mobileJoel
Styling for contact formJoel / Sherri
Spam checker for contact form [ I'm not sure this is a deal breaker for launch, I have no idea how long this will take to work through BRC and I don't know how hard it will be to get PIL and Flite (text to speech) installed onto beanstalk.]Brian
Integrate new homepage lockupsJoel
Import institution descriptions for non-UC institutions created by DavidMark
Remove all yellow box "warnings" from soft launch (and suppress "about this collection") if there is no description thereAmy
Sort collections A-Z within an institution/campus pageAmy

Investigate how frequent <6 "more like this" suggestions appear on objects and consider fallback showing collection items

set mlt.mintf=1 from the default of 2

Amy / Sherri
Review of possible language changes site wide and implementAmy / Sherri
Gather remaining Google Analytics tracker IDs, put in registry, create documentation for contributorsSherri

Small styling things:

  • padding between "share" buttons
  • permalink addition
  • homepage tweaks as needed
  • known collection search box styling
  • "selected" mode for list vs. thumbnail view in mobile
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