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What?ClarificationCritical for launch?Contingencies? What has to be done?Who
Complex object interaction refinement
  • try to do in-viewer refresh when paging through objects and keep you in the same spot (maybe Ajax, not Pjax but maybe not) - Amy
  • the no top file ugly unclear unexciting object issue - also that parent-level go-back-to-the-first-one sticky icon thing (jane)
Yes as scoped at leftUX: possible feedback from campus partners? Jane's assistance? Glenn?Sherri, Jane, Amy, Joel
UX issue: texts w/o thumbnails look like broken images Yes - SOME alternative by launchUX: Glenn's help? Jane?Sherri, Joel
Contact owner button YES (fallback: button links to institution page)
  • making sure we have emails
  • that they're right
  • what happens when they bounce?
  • this is insane
  • do we need to license the spam solution?
  • do we want styling treatment for the modals? No. Blue-> orange
Amy - Barbara
Download files for Nuxeo image, text, file types
  • text files
  • others
YES: at a MINIMUM - files, working the way it currently does, and knowing if it doesn't work for any browsers
  • S3 doesn't save a file extension; some browsers don't handle it well without extension
  • Is XD appropriate? currently a link that opens in a new tab.
  • file names?
  • Needs testing
Relevancy ranking for search results minimum: default to "AND"user feedback before we go deeper than ANDing everythingMark, Brian
Sort A-Zmeeting this week to decide changesYESSolr schema changesMark, Brian, Amy
Sort datemeeting this week to decide changesYESSolr schema changes, logic?Mark, Brian, Amy
Auto-complete filters no Amy
Sticky collections for institutions -- depends on demanddependent on the registry-data solr thingAmy, Mark
switching from registry_data to registry_url everywhere but filters - more robust and less server errors YES  
Possible logo swaps, other tweaks to institution pages?  Campus feedbackSherri, Joel
Responsive issuesBYOM day at the office! with Jane's tasksYESneed heuristic from JaneJane, Joel
Last details of DAMS-to-Merritt pipelineTell Emily her collections will be first in to confirm this is awesome and we'll do it in Septemberno Barbara, Adrian
Related collections on item page YES Amy
Homepage and supporting page copy changes: "calisphere is..." linking; beta video; "where are themed collections?", beta banner on calisphere classic? etc. YESGlenn; SB schedule a meeting with CMSherri
physical objects? no

needs feedback

Persistent and pretty URLs YESneeds schema changeMark
Non-UC institution information YES Adrian, Brian
Stats for us YESsherri needs to think about what she wantsSherri, Brian
Stats for contributors: second tracker code, collection numbers as variable etc.etc. 

YES: for UCs

Non-UCs get an email

get contributors to make new code

go to the compact

Where does the code go and get saved?

Brian, Sherri/Adrian on the outreach fron
Themed Collections YES Joel
Collection title search 

YES if it works right in the browser

does not need "suggested searches"

needs some specifics of UIAmy or Brian
Write JavaScript to save state in a better way for object-level pages, especially in instances when the user is not coming from a standard search results set (Collection pages, Institution pages, MLT results from google, etc) YES Amy
Amy/Joel reconciliation of joel's s3 bucket with live site Yes but in a priority order Amy, Joel
Fix HTML validation errors YES Amy, Joel
More Like This object results for objects arrived at from Google/elsewhere YES Amy
Cache adjustment, load testing YES Brian
Add rotate feature to image viewer yes if it's easy - test on UCSF Barbara / Amy
Figure out remaining jp2 creation issues for Nuxeo content and publish affected objects/collections to Calisphere yesmight take a while to figure this out, depending (there are a variety of issues)Barbara

We don't want curly braces in solr

(Fix 'description' metadata mapping from nuxeo -> couchdb -> solr)

 yes Barbara / mark
Solr spellchecking and suggestionsthis goes in friday's list

Yes - suggestions

spell checking from solr

Alternate homepage image lockups YES Joel
Homepage swap and scramble YESdetermine how we want these to workAmy / Brian
filter fixed - cancelled pjax requests YESamy can't reproduce locallyAmy
site map yes  
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