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The purpose of the Product Stakeholder Group is to help provide feedback on and inform the work of the UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) Implementation Project Team. Specifically, the group will:

  • Provide insights into campus library workflows, needs, and priorities.
  • Help the project team prioritize requirements and feature development, as needed.
  • Assist with and advise on particular topics or issues.
  • Ensure broad, cross-campus input into the development of the UCLDC and its various components.

Members of the Product Stakeholder Group will take on the following three major responsibilities:

  1. Review and provide general feedback on quarterly releases (retrospective)
    Example: test an aspect of the software and note any bugs or inconsistencies with local expectations/workflows

  2. Provide targeted input on pre-determined questions and challenges (prospective, for next release)
    Example: comment on the digital asset metadata model
    Proposed cycle (click to enlarge):
  3. Serve as point-persons for campus-specific issues and tasks (as needed)
    Example: refer the project team to library staff who will add and correct data in the Collection Registry

Members are expected to gather information from other campus library staff and stakeholders as needed to fulfill the above responsibilities. It is also hoped that they will stay generally informed and up-to-date about the project, so that they might serve as "resident experts" on respective campuses (surfacing and referring questions to the Project Team as they arise).

Time commitment

Time required will vary depending on the stage of development, but we estimate an average commitment of about three hours per month. Participation will require attendance at quarterly meetings, some reading and review work, and ad hoc consultation with the project team as needed.

We may encourage travel to Oakland for attendance at one in-person meeting (funded by CDL).


The Product Stakeholder Group will exist throughout the UCLDC Implementation Phase, which has a target end date of Summer 2015 (coinciding with the launch of the public interface).


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