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Please note that these are rough estimates - especially those that are further out. Calendar subject to some change.

 Q/A collections in DAMS
Harvest protocol / co-development
Input / feedback on selected public interface components
Test adding new content to DAMSUnpacking curation / customization tools

(DAMS participants*)

Coordinate with other campus staff to check file/metadata import within appx 2 wks

(harvest-only participants**)

Initial conversations–possibly including other campus staff--to determine protocol, followed by possible co-development, testing, etc.

(all PSG)

Participate in web conference and/or post comments on wiki

(DAMS participants)

Participate in pilot to build new collections directly in Nuxeo; provide feedback on updates to interface and documentation

(all PSG)

In-person meeting or web conference to discuss needs for creating curated / custom views of UCLDC content

AprilOngoing as collections are loaded    
May Discussions begin, then ongoingSurvey re: campus / unit landing pages  
July  Feedback on selected wireframesWill follow Banana Slug release (target June 30) 
September    Meeting or activity

* DAMS participants = PSG reps from Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, San Francisco, Santa Cruz

** Harvest-only participants = PSG reps from Berkeley, LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara

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