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Target end date: May 29, 2015

(Release meeting scheduled for June 1, 2015 to accommodate "Western Roundup" conference)

Project componentObjectiveStaff

Continue to test bulk file upload client with campus partners

Brian / Adrian
Confirm success of test feed of simple object collection to Merritt and begin work on a complex object collection.Barbara
Investigate / create proof-of-concept for technical feasibility of tab-delimited metadata importUCB ETL team
Investigate opportunities and options for incorporating a linked data vocabulary picker into NuxeoBrian

Receive examples from and analyze collections from UCI and UCSC.

Pull data through for all collections identified from UCLA, UCSD, and UCSB into the new production index
Harvest one or more test collections (which include both A/V files and complex objects) from Nuxeo.Barbara
Modify the infrastructure and location of the Solr index to better allow for staging and Q/A
Improve relevance rankings for objects when a search is conductedMark
Create a Harvest and Access User Guide on the Documentation site to guide contributors through the process of identifying and sending collections for publicationSherri / Adrian
Begin engaging campus partners with Q/A of registry dataAdrian
Public Access

Finalize design of various object types from all sources, based on feedback from campus partners and/or end-usersJane / Sherri
Determine interaction design for three object-level features: download, citations, and contactJane
Create templates for all remaining pages and views; iterate as neededJoel
Create working pages (with limited functionality) for Institution, Campus, Institution Directory, and Collection DirectoryAmy
Create metadata display specifications for objects, collection and institution pages, facets, etc.Adrian
Create draft editorial copy for all "static" pages and views (Help, Terms of Use, Contribute, error messages, etc.)Sherri
Develop a plan for statistics reporting back to contributors in consultation with campus partnersSherri / Brian
Set up a Calisphere staging environment(s)Brian


2015-06-01 Gaucho (May 2015) Release Meeting

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