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  • Gaucho (May 2015) Release Notes

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Key tasks accomplished:

Management (DAMS)

  • Bulk upload client: tested and now used in production; created a command-line version as well for special use cases.
  • Self-serve metadata import: investigated the technical feasibility of tab-delimited/spreadsheet metadata importer; this looks promising and a demo is in process.
  • Collection migration into Nuxeo: continued migrating existing files and metadata from local systems into the DAMS.
  • Migration of Nuxeo to Amazon Web Services: successfully migrated the system and its assets. Collections are now stored in the AWS S3 service, which provides effectively "bottomless storage."

Aggregation (harvest)

  • Harvest from external sources: brought all identified collections from external sources (i.e. non-Nuxeo) into the test index, as identified at: Harvest/crawl collections list.
  • Harvest from Nuxeo: brought X number test collections (including A/V files and complex objects) from Nuxeo into couchDB/the test index.
  • Infrastructure: modified the infrastructure and location of the Solr index to better allow for staging and QA.
  • User guide: created a harvest and access user guide on the Documentation site to guide contributors through the process of identifying and sending collections for publication on Calisphere/DPLA.
  • QA and staging: began engaging campus partners with quality assurance of collection and institution data and finalization of collections for harvest for soft launch (July) and public release (August).

Access (Calisphere and the API)

  • UX design: finalized most page designs in light of analysis from stakeholder focus groups and additional user testing.
  • Feature design: determined interaction design for three object-level features: download, citations, and contact
  • Continued building: created templates for all existing pages and views, and created working pages (with limited functionality) for Institution, Campus, Institution Directory, and Collection Directory
  • Metadata display: created metadata display specs for objects, collection and institution pages, facets, etc.
  • Statistics: developed a plan for statistics reporting back to contributors in consultation with campus partners.
  • Infrastructure: set up a Calisphere staging environment.